Can the bran gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

bran is often used for a variety of diets, because they cleanse the body and cleans the intestines.Patients on gastritis interested in whether bran in their disease and not hurt if their use of the general condition of man?

Value bran

bran contain a lot of fiber, which positively influence the work of the intestine, contribute to the removal of toxins and cholesterol.We must learn how to use them so as not to bring harm to the body.Bran boiled in a large amount of fluid or added to the various broths, soups.Also, they are well absorbed with porridges and stews.

Bran perform in the role of the gut of a broom, they swept all harmful substances, making room for useful items, but their protein and vitamins are absorbed and have a positive effect on human organs.

When used bran watch carefully for a single rate of admission - start to take them with teaspoon of 2-3 for the day.Then you can gradually increase your dose administration, but as soon as affect the general condition of the person, immediatel

y stop taking and consult a doctor.

Different ways of receiving bran

most effective method is to add bran to soups or their cooking bran milk soup, which is prepared as follows.Wash bran (40 g) in cold water and place in a pot where a pre-poured 2 cups of water and a glass of milk.All boil until tender, but in the end, add a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a little salt.This soup will be enough for 2-3 hours.

also possible to prepare milk-egg soup, which is recommended for patients with gastritis.Bran boil in water until cooked, then stir the egg and a teaspoon of vegetable oil in a glass of milk.All combine and cook a few minutes, and if you want a little salt dish, eat health.

Eating bran, we are helping to improve their health and general condition.The result:

  • cleanses the intestines;
  • made protection of dysbiosis;
  • infusions of bran treat bronchitis and pneumonia;
  • occurs hemorrhoids prevention through regular bowel movement;
  • swelling properties of bran is an excellent tool for weight loss.

It is worth knowing that the daily rate of use of bran in any form consists of 2-3 tablespoons.Do not overdo it with the methods, otherwise disrupt the intestine and may develop other diseases, no less hazardous to health.When the diagnosis of "acute bronchitis" bran is better not to take, take a small break to recover.

Remember that bran can be used as a separate dish or addition to other kinds of cooked food, and for all that are quite inexpensive.They are well absorbed with plenty of fluids, so prepare mucous soups from bran create great for your stomach enveloping film which serves as a filter for the body as a whole.