Can you beer for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Recently increasingly heard about the dangers of alcohol.It has a negative impact on the nervous system and generally negatively affect the human body.Speaking of which, the experts have in mind a healthy body, and those who suffer, for example, gastritis recommended not to drink alcohol.So whether you need to basically treat it?

Some believe that rather weak alcohol in small amounts permissible for diseases of the stomach.Thus, it is believed that if you drink a little beer, no harm to the body will not, others think otherwise, because a small amount of alcohol, even harmful to human health.

First of all, I must say that such a gastritis.This disease is known to all, many - not hearsay.The fact that gastritis occur irritation of the stomach wall, often turning into ulcer.Alcohol consumption leads to more intense irritation of the gastric mucosa.Therefore, talking about the big dangers of alcohol, especially for those who have seen the disease.With frequent use of alcohol the formation of hydrochlori

c acid, which leads to nausea and pain.

Drinking beer with gastritis: "for" and "againstĀ»

for patients with gastritis allowed some types of alcoholic beverages, but it is also a controversial issue.For example, should I drink unfiltered beer.Scientists Munich Institute proved that in this form it does not harm patients with gastritis and gastric juice helps to stand out.It was also found that beer hops help soothe, satisfy even the pain and rid the body of harmful substances.It should be noted that the experiment was carried out in Germany - the home of the beer, so they can confidently make such statements.In favor of beer gastritis they add that it gets rid of excess mucus in the stomach than emphasize its cleaning action.According to their statement, in the unfiltered beer contains bacteria that are beneficial even for gastritis, moreover, they saturate the body with minerals and carbohydrates.

Domestic physicians hold the view that alcohol in any form is harmful because it causes worsening of chronic diseases.At the same time argue that under special diets, some types of alcohol use is permitted, including beer and most importantly know when to stop and remember that in any case can not drink on an empty stomach.Careful selection of alcohol can help protect against acute illness, but may continue its development.

If, however, alcohol brought discomfort, do not hurry to take medicines, because we know that the expected result will not be.The chemical reaction of drugs and alcohol will only aggravate the condition.In this case, it is best to wash out the stomach, and drink plenty of water.

In any case, drink alcohol or not gastritis - everyone's business, but you should always be aware of the features of the body, then there is no discomfort!