Is it possible to bathe in cystitis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

One of the most common diseases of the genitourinary system - cystitis.Among the popular methods of treatment particularly popular method of influence on the bladder heat.Indeed, the warming procedures facilitate the patient's condition cystitis, but do they have to be a certain way and not always.Many people think that the more heat to the inflamed bladder, the faster the healing process.Motivated by such thoughts, they go to the bath house or climb in a hot bath and steamed and then they make a mistake.Why is that?This is stated in the article below.

Steam and acute cystitis - incompatible?

Sweating in acute cystitis is not recommended.Warming treatments in hot water may worsen the patient's condition, causing a transition of acute cystitis pyelonephritis, and the disease is treated even longer and harder.In addition, if the acute stage of cystitis is accompanied by hematuria - secretions drops of blood in the urine, high temperature water can cause vasodilatation, which in turn provoke excessive b

leeding.It is especially dangerous to bathe, if acute cystitis manifested during menstruation.Yes, initially warming in the steam room will ease pain in the bladder, but that does not mean that such treatment had a positive effect.Soon cystitis symptoms manifest themselves with greater force, as only worsen the inflammatory process.

When thermal procedures are for the benefit of cystitis?

During acute inflammation cystitis can not bathe.Why, described above.But the effect on the bladder in chronic cystitis, even recommended it as a means of treatment and prevention.That is, when there is an acute inflammatory process, accompanied by painful sensations, bleeding, fever, can perform thermal treatments.These include:

  • warm shower (duration of procedure - 5 minutes);
  • reception warm bath (water temperature within 40 ° C, treatment time - 10 minutes);
  • sauna or bath, but without overheating (to warm up to 10 minutes);
  • dry heat in the form of hot water bottles or plastic bottle with warm water on the area of ​​the lower abdomen;
  • compress on the area of ​​the bladder out of the hot salt or sand;
  • warm foot bath in water 35-40 ° C., the procedure takes no more than 10 minutes.

After any warming procedures for the treatment and prevention of chronic cystitis, it is important to stay warm.If this room, do not go to cool under a cold shower or snow if it compresses home treatment, then once it is desirable to wear on their feet warm leggings and socks, a warm blanket to hide.

the treatment of any disease, you must first consult with a physician and cystitis - is no exception.Only a specialist correctly diagnose the stage of the disease and prescribe effective treatment, including and make recommendations on the treatment of cystitis thermal treatments.