Can you beer for pancreatitis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Beer and pancreatitis - two incompatible things.With inflammation of the pancreas, unfortunately, people have to face quite often.Acute pancreatitis is waiting on the road enthusiasts delicious, fatty foods and alcohol, as well as supporters of immoderate treatment by conventional methods, ie tablets.Only in the acute stage of any ill person should be the doctor's recommendations carefully, adhere to treatment, and the most severe diet.

pancreatitis can sometimes go into the chronic stage, when inflammation in poor pancreas continues, but the pain is not so pronounced, and people slowly returned to his former life, favorite sausages and burgers.Many also have a desire to add to the diet of a glass or two of your favorite beer.People are motivated by the fact that beer is a low-alcohol drinks, so its effect on the digestive organs are not as detrimental as compared to stronger alcoholic counterparts.

in the media, including on the internet web-powerful from time to time you can find arguments about th

e harmlessness of beer, on the contrary, even with the above arguments in its favor.Doctors strongly recommend to abandon any even soft drinks, not only during the acute illness, but in its chronic stage.

Hurt Beer

main danger that lies in wait for the fan of flavored beer - the content of ethanol, or ethyl alcohol.The negative impact on the digestive organs it needs no proof.Among the complications that may arise in a patient with chronic pancreatitis during reception beer spasm which reduces the lumen of the pancreatic duct.

Alcohol can damage cell membranes in the pancreas, to make them more vulnerable, the negative impact contributes to their destruction.Ethyl alcohol contained in beer, contributes to a change in the chemical composition of pancreatic juice, whereby the walls of the ducts may form protein tube, which, after calcination, these channels may overlap at all.

equally caveat applies to non-alcoholic beers use as having a negative impact, and ethyl alcohol, and other substances contained therein.It is known that most varieties undergo a process of carbonation, carbonation.It also has an irritating effect on mucous membranes, resulting in impeded the normal functioning of this important body of the gastrointestinal tract.Available as part of the beer preservatives, flavoring and aromatic additives make its negative contribution to the process of destruction of tissues and cells of the pancreas.

Thus, patients in acute and chronic pancreatitis patients is better to try to forget about the taste of beer and diet, to find a more suitable drinks and learn to enjoy life without alcohol.It's so simple and also good for your health!