Can the pasta with pancreatitis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

Pancreatitis - a serious disease and its development in the first place you need to take for himself a rule to eat right.It is not just that the used products were useful and absolutely fresh, but also about what you eat!So, for example, is difficult without knowing how the body affects the consumption of pasta understand whether we can have this type of product for pancreatitis?

And, in addition, pay attention to how diverse today, "pasta market" - not just "dazzled", and sometimes even impossible to determine what kind of pasta and difficult to understand what its composition!Today we talk in general about the pasta and find out whether they can be generally included in the diet of patients with pancreatitis.

Can pasta with acute pancreatitis manifestation?

Once the patient becomes inflamed pancreas, about any use of pasta is not out of the question, and about any their form and quality!The fact that it was the pasta in this case only hurt:

  • after the pasta is enhanced bile, which in itself caus
    es a stroke and without the affected pancreas;
  • can begin diarrhea, which provoke the strongest pain in the intestines;
  • load on the pancreas leads to complications of the disease and provokes the strongest pain.

When pancreatitis can eat pasta?

Enter pasta in the diet of patients with pancreatitis is possible only after the "pacification" - when the inflammation of the pancreas was quiet, and there is no hint of its repetition.However, in this case should not hurry up and eat pasta in large quantities.

Any kind of pasta should be boiled for at least 30 minutes.What for?The fact that such a long-term treatment with starch gelatinization occurs.Due to this effect the number of calories contained in the starch is reduced, while increasing the weight of the product dispensed.

After cooking the pasta you need to put in a colander, and wait until all the liquid is drained.Now they are seasoned butter, melted and mixed up, it is fed to the patient.Please note that, despite the fact that such pasta and not very tasty, you can not fry them!

Even when the threat has passed completely pancreatitis include fried pasta in your diet should not be, and will now have to have this type of product exclusively boiled rarely allowed casseroles.Otherwise pancreatitis at any time may again occur.

On how many grams of pasta can be eaten with pancreatitis?

Even in the period of "calm" the amount eaten pasta at a time during the day should not exceed 200 grams.This is the best option dosing.

Knowing that pancreatitis is better not to joke, consult with an experienced nutritionist.The course of the disease may be different, as, indeed, and the consequences, so advice never hurts, because even if you can and have a little pasta, it is important to understand by how much, at what time and what day.