Sore eyes from the computer what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
31 May 2016

computer firmly entrenched in all spheres of human activity.If earlier on the harmful effects of the monitor to eye suffered by office workers, schoolchildren and students, now familiar to fatigue of almost all computer users.How to help your eyes?

sit at the computer correctly

main cause discomfort eye is too long sitting behind the monitor but not the least negative impact on vision and poor work.See how it is recommended to sit at the computer:

  • monitor should be removed from the eyes of not less than 45-50 cm (about the distance from the elbow to the fingertips of your hand).The upper part of the monitor should be positioned slightly below eye level, and the lower one-third should be slightly tilted forward.It was under such an arrangement, the eye will be less tense and unpleasant symptoms appears.
  • not operate in complete darkness!If you're sitting in a dark room, lit only monitor, the visual acuity is greatly reduced;it becomes a "tunnel."You should not work only in the light of a desk lamp
    - the light source must be powerful enough.When working in the daytime is better to sit down with a laptop by the window, the sunlight falling on the left side.Pay attention to the sun's rays are not blikovat on the surface of the monitor.
  • If you have to type the text from the sheet, it is better to put in front of him as close as possible to the monitor.To work better to select a large font in black on a contrasting background (white is optimal).

Charging eye

Ophthalmologists advise when working at the computer to make a break every two hours.It is best to get out of the table, to make a few energetic tilts his head and then go to the window.Look into the distance, focus, look at distant objects (such as car, standing alone in the tree) and try to see every detail of the object.This exercise trains the perfect visual acuity.

You can then proceed to the gym for the eyes:

  • quickly blinked.This will relax your eyelids and moisturizes the mucous membrane, which dries from a rare blink.
  • Close your eyes and work out of various movements - rotate the eyeballs, "emerges" and eight diagonal.
  • Complete relaxation exercises are best.Vigorously rub your palms against each other.When you are feeling the heat, cover his eyes with his hands.Sit there for a minute, until they disappear, "flies" and appears in total darkness.After that, you can gently massage the upper eyelid fingertips.

If the discomfort persists, you can wash your face or just sprinkle cool water on the eyelids.This stimulates the local blood circulation and improves the nutrition of tissues.

Drug support

If these funds are not able to eliminate the pain in the eyes, and other unpleasant symptoms, you should consult an ophthalmologist.Your doctor may recommend a buy in a drugstore a few funds.A real lifesaver for office workers will be a drop of "artificial tears".The composition of the drops is almost identical to the tear fluid, so safe for the eyes."Artificial tears" gently moisturizes and softens the cornea of ​​the eye, preventing and eliminating symptoms such as dryness, "sand" in the eyes.

pupils and students to exchange ophthalmologist may prescribe vitamins for the eyes (for example, "Taufon").Preparations are issued in the form of drops, which is very convenient.Bury them you need 1-2 times a day to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms, strengthen capillary walls and prevent further decline in vision.