How to get rid of dry cough at home?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

If you seemingly without reason appeared dry cough, you can be sure that your lungs have accumulated a certain amount of sputum, which is trying to bring the body naturally.All you need to do in such moments - is to try to help your body get rid of the accumulated mucus.

Over the centuries, people have learned to do it with the help of medicine, and today you can easily find the right medication at any pharmacy, but there are even more people's ways to get rid of dry cough without the help of medication and doctors at home.All those methods which we consider quite effective and relatively children.

Many try not to pay attention to this kind of cough and in vain!That cough can lead to the development of many diseases.Therefore, if you notice that you or a child begins to develop cough and dry it on top, which also causes some discomfort, try as quickly as possible to cure it!

survey before treatment

If there was a dry cough in the adult, its causes often can and find out, but if it comes to childre

n, besides a little while without inspection by specialists is indispensable.As a rule, the reception and the doctor will have to determine suitability in your case, these methods of treatment of dry cough at home or not.

When the doctor sees no reason to risk to a child's health, it is possible to combine the "home" ways to treat those whom he had appointed, but often appointed by treatment with antiviral drugs, antibiotics, so check whether it is possible in your case, treatment to combine?

How to cure a cough?

the treatment of dry cough main task is to cough switched to another stage and damp, that is, by any means necessary to achieve the elimination of sputum, expectoration.

  • Take a black radish, a radish if not, take any.Wash and take root in his heart of a small depression, it's easy to go a spoonful of honey.Below, on the other side, do a small hole through it will flow out of the radish juice.Put the radish with honey in a glass, cover with a lid.Slowly flowing radish juice inside before a meal, take a tablespoon.
  • the evening in a thermos brew volume infusions of herbs and their drink instead of tea during the day.You can use ready-made herbal teas that you will offer a pharmacy, and you can cook your own herbs.This sage, chamomile, thyme.Use equal amounts - about a handful of 5 liters.In such herbal teas can be added to honey, and for greater efficiency - milk, which is very convenient for those who do not like these drinks.
  • Mitigate a few hours a dry cough helps butter or oil.The substance is poured or placed in 5 grams of tea (small spoon) and drink the beverage.
  • good "additive" to the tea in the case of dry cough is considered the "asterisk" many are used only to use the ointment for colds applying it to the skin surface in the area of ​​the back of the throat.However, if you put in your tea pinch just a little of this substance, I immediately notice an improvement.
  • Bring to a boil conventional fresh milk and pour it on half a tea spoon of red pepper and honey.Have a drink and rub the backs of warming up ointment, wrapped, go to bed.

person who has been a dry cough should be as long as possible in a room with high humidity, it provokes and her sputum expectoration.