How to get rid of smoker's cough?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

Having a bad habit of smoking, the smoker begins to realize over the years that it has gradually become too strong cough that, in principle, so no longer runs.This is sometimes a dry cough, sometimes exempting phlegm, but it becomes a permanent feature, which gets rid of hard, sometimes impossible already.

Such a cough and feel "smoker's cough", and today we will learn how to deal with it.It should immediately be noted that the phenomenon of smoker's cough immediately fix does not work, and it will take a lot of time, but in any case, the treatment effectively and efficiently!

Methods of Treatment "smoker's cough»

  • particularly well help when you cough tincture of thyme.The plant can be used in both fresh and dry form, rather zaparivat it as a tea in a thermos, and the normal daily use, long as a drink, thirst-quenching.
  • effectively with such a cough inhalation of essential oils prepared independently or purchased in a drugstore.This oil can be made from turpentine, pine tar or pine young twigs.Wi
    th the same purpose, use the peel of citrus fruits (lemons, oranges) and tea tree leaves.If you do not have oil, zaparte in a small saucepan on the skin of citrus fruit or pine branches, and just a few minutes a day inhale vapors from steaming, covered with a blanket.
  • well helps with coughing ordinary Russian sauna in which much hot and have the opportunity to warm up a birch broom.Typically, after a bath once a person begins to feel a relief in breathing and a certain lightness in his chest out phlegm.
  • Train yourself every day to drink a glass of fresh milk.It is believed that milk brings phlegm and mucus formed from smoking, and hence reduce coughing.
  • The glass type 1/3 of fresh milk, bring to a boil and add the onion, missed a meat grinder.After three hours, drink infusions and not only cools, but will be ready for use.Drink in small doses, trying to stretch the milk for the whole day.
  • Cook 300 g viburnum berries, wipe them and separating the pulp, connect it with an equal amount of honey.Immediately after the preparation, you can start eating a spoonful before meals.
  • particularly effective when coughing smoker has badger fat, and it is used in most of our ancestors.

do not want to conceal the fact that all these tinctures and decoctions not quite pleasant, a lot of them, you might say, even disgusted, but this is probably the only way for you to get rid of the cough, until it led to more serious consequencespossibly even cancer.Therefore prior to treatment need to be patient and do everything consistently, constantly.

Thus consider that all of these ways of getting rid of smoker's cough are effective only when people stop smoking!However, if you find it difficult to engage with this habit, you can still perform these procedures, and thereby at least clean your lungs!