Venous congestion in the head

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30 May 2016

Passive congestion occurs today quite often, as well as many other diseases.In people with this disease are more familiar with both the venous blood stagnation, but there are also other names - venous congestion or venous stasis.The way the disease is called, the problem does not get easier.Venous congestion can occur in many parts of the body and one of the most dangerous forms of it - is the emergence of diseases in the head.

as medicine characterizes venous congestion in the head?

system of blood supply to the brain is arranged quite differently in relation to other bodies.Blood coming from the arteries, has gotten through the capillaries, giving oxygen and nourishes the tissues of various substances, then it flows into the veins located in the head.Brain vein in the skull can accommodate a certain amount of blood and they can not expand, since it does not allow to make bone tissue and, of course, the surface of the brain.

Despite this, the blood flows in the veins of the brain is significantly l

ess than would fit, and this is considered normal.The main objective of the veins - as quickly as possible to increase the flow of blood when it increased income, which actually takes place during their expansion.Stagnation in the shortest time is prevented, and the blood is moving on.

must say that the body so quickly to cope with this phenomenon, if you have the brain did not receive corresponding pulses from the vessels that are partially responsible for this function.So, when the internal receptors are activated weakly or not at all their work is greatly disturbed blood flow in time it is impossible to normalize and there is stagnation.

Causes of venous congestion in the head

As already mentioned, the leading cause of stagnation of blood in the veins of the brain become weak activity of receptors located in the vessels, their belated impulses.However, the same phenomenon ends and other problems that follow a physical or mental overexertion.

So, for example, if a person is uncomfortable to lie for a long time, causing discomfort in the neck, head, or wear clothes with too narrow collar, it can lead to stagnation of blood in the head.By this result and permanent work in a sitting position, his head bent forward.

If the previous factors could at least somehow adjusted independently, the following reasons alone will not fix.For violation of the outflow of blood to the head result in diseases caused by head injuries, neck.If a person can not fully inhale air through the nose, and he has problems with the heart activity, all this will entail disturbances in the outflow of blood.

symptoms of stagnation of blood in the brain

  • dizziness, headache periodically replace;
  • abrupt change sensations general condition when the ambient temperature changes or changes in the weather, with physical work or even normal mental stress;
  • momentary blackout, red squirrel;
  • fainting, seizures, weakness, constantly pulls to sleep;
  • man thinks that around always something roars;
  • discoloration of the skin on the face, the occurrence of edema, possibly even blue;
  • impaired mental state.

at different stages of the disease symptoms can not only meet, but also be combined and become unbearable to the patient test.As you can see, the symptoms are not too specific, they are inherent and other diseases, so often self-identify violations of blood flow in the brain fails.Find out the reason, you can figure out how to fix it, and, as a rule, blood flow gradually returning to normal, but it must be done with an experienced professional.

How to cure a venous congestion in the head?

Also doctor's recommendations will need to take care of your body as a whole and eliminate from your lifestyle all negative.We must not only eliminate bad habits and psychological breakdown voltage of any kind to try to establish an active lifestyle, maybe start playing sports and more to be outdoors.Also important in this case is proper diet and regular rest, sleep.