First aid for bruises

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

Like it or not, but from injuries, even minor person to protect yourself is difficult.Therefore, we are exposed to injuries almost every day, some of them did not attract our attention, we simply do not notice them, but others we felt very painful and, therefore, need to know what bruises you can assist.

People by its very nature do not pay attention to minor injuries, but quite in vain, because often a slight bruise can lead to very serious problems to get rid of them immediately!

What is bruised, and what is its nature?

break any blood vessel and lymph node necessarily leads to internal bleeding.Bruising may occur in the event of impact injury.The nature of the injury can be different, in medicine it is divided into four levels:

  • minor scratches, abrasions can be inconspicuous, and other skin damage.They belong to the first degree of the injury.Typically, such a bruise passes without treatment, and it does not entail pain;
  • second degree, in contrast to the first degree of injury is already very
    different.The feeling of pain and poor health.This state entail ruptures that occur when injuries to the muscle tissue.At this stage, appear bruises, swelling;
  • sprains, tendon rupture and muscle tissue resulting from severe impact, characterize the injury of the third degree;
  • latest and most dangerous level of injury leads to the fact that a person is difficult to move, often it is generally in the immobilized state.

How to determine the injury?

Often, the degree of injury is easy to find, not being an expert in this matter.About him will testify to the pain of different character, changing the skin - wounds, scrapes, bruises, lacerations possible tumor.In the case of injury often enough to look to see what the severity of the injury suffered, and therefore already starting from this, to take some action to provide first aid.

What are bruises?

Before the arrival of the doctors should try at any degree of injury alleviate the patient's condition.Thus it is necessary to pay attention on what specific parts of the body struck.If an arm or leg may be able to easily move a little blow on the head or back may say this is impossible.

  • most often light bruises extremities of hands, feet rather "cool", a little cold, and thus prevent swelling and bruising.The compress is applied immediately after the injury, and then the patient will notice the pain will subside.Bruised limb is lifted up, to normalize circulation and pull together a tight bandage.
  • minor injuries of the joints, or rather the pain that accompanies them, remove the same by applying ice and placing the person in a more comfortable position.For example, if the blow fell on the knee joint, then you need to go, lifting the leg slightly up, apply ice, and then drag a tight bandage the affected area.There will also be effective rubbing warms compositions - such as camphor oil, eau de cologne.
  • more difficult to account for those injuries that fall on the body or a person, but in this case you need to apply ice.After the cold will disappear, it is replaced with a new one.Cooling then you can not always help, if the blow inflicted on the body and continues to hurt chore may have been damage to the internal tissue, consult a doctor.The patient need to move as little as possible.
  • When bruised falls in the head, and the blow was obviously strong, then after it is applied immediately with cold water soaked tissue, the patient is placed, raising his head a little.Nothing more needs to be done, we need a doctor to determine how serious, whether concussions or more severe injuries.

Just a night cooling in the case of injury ceases to be effective, and the need to have heating.Typically used various drugs, ointments - all that will remove the pain and dissolve bruises.

matter how minor the injury did not seem to take the time to see a doctor, and sometimes even a slight bump can cause the fingers to the fact that after a while stopped moving brush or delivers severe pain, swelling.