Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

diseases of the joints accompanied by severe pain, brings discomfort and generally prevents movement lead a full life.You can cure the disease, adhering treatment prescribed by a doctor and reviewing your daily diet.Diet rheumatoid arthritis patient will recover faster and in a more mild form of this disease transfer.

Necessity diet

necessity of diet in rheumatoid arthritis proven by many doctors, namely, first we must eliminate from your diet dangerous foods that cause the most damage to your health or exacerbate the situation as a whole.Some products that contribute to allergies can aggravate rheumatoid arthritis, it is their first need to stop using.

easier to transfer the disease will help you a temporary waiver of meat dishes.Go to vegetarian food, it is also possible the use of dairy products.Good to make in your diet more fish products.Your body is easier to transfer the disease and the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis will occur at a heightened pace.

Which products are recommended for dis

Eating fruits and vegetables recommended for use in rheumatoid arthritis in large quantities.In addition to potatoes, other vegetables rate should be 300-350 grams and vegetables - at least 200 of some fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents in rheumatoid arthritis, these properties have a positive effect on the body, reduce severe pain.

use contraindicated:

  • alcohol;
  • strong coffee;
  • acute and nourishing food;
  • conservation;
  • fried and smoked products.

use of certain medicinal drugs affect the leaching of calcium from the body.To avoid this, eat greens, soy products, dairy products with low fat content.

recommended diet

In rheumatoid arthritis, it is recommended to lose weight, if any patient.The extra stress on the joints will only worsen the situation and bring additional pain, and eventually the emergence of new inflammation.Provide the option of developing the disease will help set diet, which must be prescribed by a doctor after the date of an entire group of tests to avoid contraindications to certain products.

recommended intake of vegetables and dairy soups, boiled vegetables.You can also prepare a vegetable salad dressed with olive oil.Fruits can eat different, except those that cause allergic reactions.

Pay special attention to dairy products are excluded from the menu fatty sour cream, yogurt.Eat low-fat dairy products, can be introduced into the diet of cereals.It is recommended to use in the morning, you can pour kefir or yogurt and breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.It is also advisable to eat boiled potatoes and various cereals, especially buckwheat.

Eating fish, soy products, walnuts can help relieve the pain that often disturbs the patient to rheumatoid arthritis.These products contain acids that can reduce inflammation and joint pain to bother.Even the use of fish oil is able to perform all the functions to prevent the disease and to replace daily rate of consumption of fish products.

When the patient on a diet for rheumatoid arthritis, it is desirable to reduce the dose of the use of salt and sugar.More lean on vegetables, fruits, berries, a vegetarian way of eating will help you get rid of the disease but still keep your figure in order.