How to get rid of the allergic cough?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

Quite often one of the symptoms of allergy is a cough.Of course, it is somewhat different from the common cold is not only the character of "sound", but the lack of temperature and sharp attacks.The causes of this cough can be a great many, as, indeed, and the factors that cause allergy itself.Most often, the cough is a household companion and food allergies.

Treatment recommendations

cough therapy such as, indeed, any other should not ride.Treatment must necessarily be made, otherwise this condition may develop into serious conditions such as chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Before treatment, it is necessary to establish for certain allergens that, in fact, caused such a reaction of the body and immediately should be prepared for the fact that the treatment of allergic cough - a lengthy process.Sometimes treatment requires not days, for months.

In that case, if such a cough appeared for the first time, set the allergen is fairly simple.Immediately should contact your doctor - allergist.He will take

a special sample and certainly set the "aggressor".Then just get rid of it, when it comes to food or household chemicals.

using folk medicine

Nontraditional methods of treatment in this case are:

  • nasal wash with a solution of sea salt.Conduct similar manipulations should be 2-3 times a day.
  • no less effectively and such a remedy.One fruit of the lemon should be thoroughly rinsed under running water.Then grind with a blender or grinder.After the resulting mass was added to two tablespoons of honey and large big spoons 4 purified water.The resulting structure should be placed on a small fire and cook until until the mixture is smooth.The composition is cooled and eat on the big spoon from 5 to 6 times a day.
  • benefited from an allergic cough and a variety of herbal teas.One of the most popular is from the leaves mother and stepmother (2 parts), marshmallow root (the same proportion), Oregano (1 part).All these ingredients should be thoroughly milled until smooth.Then, a large spoonful of raw materials pour boiling water.Give it to infuse for an hour.Over time, the composition is filtered, and the pair drink large spoonfuls from 5 to 7 times per day.

Expert opinion

However, in traditional medicine, it is believed that allergic cough cured completely impossible, since people who are prone to such manifestations, there is hyperventilation, which is described by the state.

Treatment of such a feature can not be.Cough only to stop or reduce seizures.You can do this in three main ways:

  • doing special breathing exercises;
  • taking drugs (loratadine, Mibiron, Tavegil);
  • get rid of the allergen, or at least minimize its effects on the body.