First aid for sprains

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30 May 2016

sprain - a trauma that is characterized by partial or complete rupture of the connective tissue, ie the ligaments and muscles.The injury is very common - everyone at least once in life was getting a sprain.There is most often in motor activity, sports.Older people get sprain icy slipping when the load on the supporting leg operates under an angle or in the fall.Finally, often criminal injury, injury in a car accident, when the sprain is obtained from the bounce.

sprain symptoms - pain, impaired mobility, the appearance of swelling and bruising in the area of ​​the injury, and sometimes - fever.Depending on the severity of the strain it can be divided into three groups according to severity.First severity - rupture of a small number of connecting fibers.It is characterized by pain, but the mobility of the joint is preserved, although it is associated with pain.There is a slight swelling.Second degree - the gap of a significant number of connecting fiber bundles, severe pain, severe swelling.Mobility is

, but it is associated with severe pain, there are limitations in amplitude.Third degree - completely torn ligament.Characterized by severe pain, painful shock to the characteristic symptoms - pallor, cyanosis of the skin, loss and confusion, speech disorder, hearing loss, change in the reaction of pupils to light.Mobility completely lost.Severe swelling, circulatory disorders, general swelling limbs, bruises.Body temperature increased.

What tensile?

most important thing - to recognize the injury.Slight stretching obtained during sports, could develop into a serious injury, stretching more severity, if time does not stop giving load.And in severe sprains, it is important as soon as possible take the necessary steps, if there is a possibility that the mobility of the joint will not be lost forever.

first thing that is required - immobilization of a limb.In the joint should put a bandage of elastic bandage or wear on his special flexible tube.On top of them to perform a tight bandage.In severe cases, to impose on the injured limb bus.Even in mild cases, you need to prevent stress on the limb - to walk without assistance or a crutch, trying to do something a damaged hand, move the neck with damaged ligaments.Usually medium and heavy stretch characterized by extensive damage to the blood vessels and capillaries.In case of hematoma sure to put on a damaged joint water bottle with ice, wet towel.

Some people even if not very strong injury can be observed a strong increase in body temperature - even more than 40 ° C, which is very dangerous for the whole condition of the body.In this case, you must give antipyretic, the simplest remedy - aspirin, it is in every medicine cabinet.In case of severe pain it is recommended to take a painkiller.Simple - nimesulide, paracetamol.Apply stronger drugs should only be prescribed by a doctor.

next step - to bring the victim to the Department of Traumatology.Be sure to do this under the supervision of another person - the way the victim may lose consciousness from the pain, hitting the injured limb, fall or slip, get even more serious injury.If this is not leg injury, you can go to the emergency station on their own.If damaged foot, it is advisable to use a car, call a taxi.In the case of serious injury, you must call an ambulance.If a person is unable to move yourself, you need to move it out of the danger zone or leave on a stretcher in the supine position under supervision until the ambulance.

When an accident is of particular importance evacuations with damaged ligaments of the car.Often during the evacuation of the risk to damage the limbs as the body in the crumpled car takes such a position that climb without special tools it is impossible, especially given the fact that the mobility of the body for injuries disrupted.In this case, you can not engage in self-evacuation, it is necessary to call an ambulance and warn that it is necessary to cut the body of the car.The victim should be given a painkiller.Evacuate the victim to be alone in one case only if there is a fire after an accident or a spill of gasoline that can ignite.In this case, give the victim a painkiller and try to force it to pull out of the car, even in spite of resistance.Drag implies securing the rope or strap on the belt on the trousers of the victim, or simply tying the rope for the lower back and hips.This is in order not to damage the spine.Pre-need to stick his head and upper body of the car.