Signs of internal bleeding in the abdomen

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30 May 2016

human body is literally riddled with thousands of vessels of different sizes.Each contains the most valuable liquid - blood.Over the life of the body is exposed to various types of exposure, including the traumatic nature of the wearer.Most often it is the mechanical tissue damage that result in bleeding.

What is bleeding?

Roughly speaking, this is a process by which the yield of an injured blood vessel.When this blood may be poured as the outward and inward.If the blood remains inside the fabric and completely permeates her, such a state is called a hemorrhage, but it also happens that the liquid simply accumulates in it.In this case, a hematoma.If time does not have a person in such a case assistance, he may just die.That is why it is important to quickly determine the presence of not only bleeding, but also competently provide medical assistance to such knowledge will not be superfluous to anyone because it is not always near a medic.

Features internal bleeding

bleeding is internal and external

.Its type depends on whether this is a biological fluid within the body and pours from it.Each type has its own characteristics and its own way dangerous.

internal bleeding blood does not go outside but retained in, for example, in the abdominal cavity.It is the most dangerous type of blood loss.Diagnose time it may not even all occupational physicians.To stop this bleeding - it is also a rather difficult task.The reasons for this is the specific character of the state, because the visual signs of blood there is no expiration.In the presence of only a few manifestations of a general nature only and in some cases there is an additional manifestation of dysfunction of the damaged organ.Often they are felt when blood loss becomes very large.

Signs abdominal hemorrhage

All signs in this case can be divided into two groups:

  • general;
  • specific.

Common can be attributed, first and foremost, human complaints of general weakness, sudden desire to sleep, constant desire to drink.Often, the patient begins to feel dizzy, sharply felt the lack of air.Visually

will manifest symptoms - the presence of sweating, paleness, weak pulse, impaired consciousness.In some cases, people just lose consciousness.Be sure to reduced blood pressure.If you listen to the pulse, its rhythm is a frequent and very weak.

Abdominal bleeding - one of the most dangerous internal blood loss.Identify it can not always be on time.In addition to the above common features, there are some local, specific symptoms of internal abdominal bleeding.On it can report, first of all, sharp pains in the abdomen.In this patient strongly hemorrhage often sick and constantly vomiting.Vomit thus optional.While the urge may come out only mucus.It is also visually and delicate external examination may be a strong tension of the muscles of the abdomen.

Often both types of symptoms simultaneously.It helps physicians quickly determine the condition of the patient and to begin to carry out activities aimed at stopping the bleeding.

often recognizable only outward signs that are similar to the symptoms of many other conditions.In this case, a delay may result in loss of life.Therefore, in order not to lose valuable time, the patient should be hospitalized immediately.