What to do when sunstroke?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

solar or heat stroke - the state of the body, which is caused by prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures.The difference between them is only in the mechanism of action.When sunstroke body (mainly the brain) is an excess amount of heat from the infrared spectrum of the solar radiation on the thermal - from highly superheated air, which is human.And he and the other - an extremely dangerous condition for the human body.

Sunstroke occurs more often, for longer stays of man outdoors in the summer.Most often this phenomenon occurs in the southern latitudes.Especially it is necessary to protect themselves those vacationing at a resort on the beach.Contrary to popular belief, from sunstroke not save the sunscreen - it only protects skin from ultraviolet radiation, infrared rays as it does not block.From sunstroke effectively protects clothes, especially white.But be careful - too heavy clothes instead of protection from the sun can cause heat stroke.It is also recommended during a long stay on the beach

in the south to be in the shade.So you not only protect yourself from sunstroke, but also save your skin from burns.Also be sure to wear a headscarf or panamku white color.

Heatstroke occurs from excessive heating.Suffering and human brain and body.It is available both indoors and outdoors.Risk groups - people working in hot shops that are in hot environments.Heat stroke can be obtained in the bath, in the sauna.Most heat stroke get wet hot tropical climate.In the tropical forests of the Europeans is difficult to be without clothes because of the abundance of insects.At the same time, it triggers obtaining a thermal shock.Compounding the risk is that we have to keep moving when you are in hot conditions.For example, in the foundry shop, steel workers, workers of chemical plants are at risk, because not only can not leave the premises, but also to remove protective clothing, which is usually severe, and creates an additional overheating.Compounding the probability of heat stroke and dehydration thirst.

First Aid

First of all, you need to know the symptoms of the disease.The major symptom is a fever and redness of the skin, especially the scalp and face.All this is accompanied by severe thirst, throbbing in my temples.Most likely, you have a confusion - you will most likely not be able to answer the question that you did a moment ago, when you started to do something else.It is also accompanied by dizziness, loss of coordination, uneven gait - looks can be confused with the state of alcoholic intoxication.More like a state of alcohol intoxication or heat sunstroke makes digestive disorders - due to a failure in the secretion of the internal organs appear nausea, vomiting, or desires to her.It is very probable loss of consciousness.If

to sunstroke actually took place drinking alcohol is further exacerbating the situation.Unfortunately, such a situation - not uncommon when a person gets sunstroke, drinking alcoholic beverages in nature.Alcohol increases the risk of getting multiple irreversible changes and even death when sunstroke, including the cardiac system and especially changes in the brain.In this case, the most effective means to recognize the impact - fever that intoxication is not typical.Of course, in the case of heat or sunstroke alcohol intake must be stopped immediately.

victim is an urgent need to remove the shade or take a cool room in the basement.It needs to be put, to provide drinking plenty of fluids in sufficient quantities, as well as ensure that the language does not sink into the larynx if he is unconscious.Persons suffering from heart disease should take nitroglycerin.At the head is necessary to put a wet towel, if possible - the ice.The body is desirable to pour water or put on the abdomen, chest, warmer ice.

If the victim is conscious, feels well, his body temperature dropped to normal, you need to go to the doctor.If the temperature is not reduced, there is delirium, being poor, be sure to call an ambulance.