If water gets into the ear, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

The swimming season, few people think about how it would end, especially children, and can happen at the most unexpected and look harmless.For example, in the ear gets a small portion of the water from the pond or pool!It would seem, what's the problem, but time passes and the person begins to feel that the water somehow nowhere emerged and now brings not just an annoyance, but a real discomfort, creating a feeling of pain in more advanced cases!What to do?!

How to get rid of water in your ear?

  • Once you feel that the ear is filled with water, you should try immediately to push it out.This can be done by conventional lightly head tilted in different directions.Often, it is for that the majority of people are jumping on this or that leg and it is, frankly, helps!
  • immediately after entering the water, you can try to push out of the ear, taking a deep breath and closed his nose with both hands and, of course, the mouth, try to exhale.There will be some stress facial muscles occurs inside the head press
    ure and water flow out.
  • Coming home after bathing in the ear, which is to "score" the water, it is necessary to drip 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide.To peroxide leaked as far as possible, you need to lie on the other ear, and it seemed to lift slightly, pulling his upper lobe.According to the properties of peroxide it must evaporate as soon as possible and at the same time also the moisture evaporate along with it.

If after such jumps and nods, breaths peroxide solution to push the water out of the ear you could not, do not need to calm yourself and wait for the next day, when all the "pass by itself."This happens rarely and usually for such hit water followed by the inevitable consequences.So do not think that this will not affect you, and immediately see a doctor.Experienced specialist for 10 minutes will save you from feeling the discomfort will help remove the water from the ear and the problem will be solved without the pain!

How to protect your ears from water?

order to numb the ear in water, not necessarily have to dive and show excessive activity bathing water can zatech suddenly quiet when swimming.Therefore, if possible, and you absolutely do not suffer from complexes, wear a special hat on his head (which is used for swimming in the pool) and safely swim, because the water in the ears will not fall.

When the rubber cap - this is not your option, especially when it comes to young children that cap and then removed, the ear canal can be greased with Vaseline, using conventional cotton swabs.

What happens if the water is left in the ear?

When for some reason you did not go or is simply not able to visit the doctor, and the water from the ear and does not leak, then there is need to prepare for the following:

  • Firstly, in such a situation, a person can quickly catch a cold, andzastuzhena will be the head.
  • Secondly, earwax, which is in contact with the water and picked up in the ear for a long time significantly swell, and as soon as that happens, immediately arises a sense of nagging "crush" the pain.
  • And, thirdly, in the near future if the water has evaporated, it starts to hurt is all ear, picks up the sound distortion occurs, even mild hearing loss can occur.

In problem cases, there are serious diseases, many of them can lead to hospitalization, followed by further treatment of medical drugs, warming and other medical means.Therefore, the best option for extracting water from the ear is considered to still trek to the doctor, of course, if you can not get rid of the water within a few hours after swimming!