How to treat sinusitis in the home?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

Very often, after a bad cold, serious complications of some diseases (a cold, oncological character) and some other health problems begin to develop even more dangerous and serious illness - sinusitis.

considered to be a disease of inflammation that occurs in the sinuses, which are located in the upper jaw.It is believed that the initial stage of development of sinusitis is quite possible to cure yourself through traditional medicine, but in the more advanced forms without the intervention of doctors, without punctures do sometimes impossible.

main condition for the effectiveness of home treatment of sinusitis, perhaps, can be considered one - timely diagnosis, properly delivered and knowledge of ways to treat this disease.

What causes sinusitis?

Without understanding the causes of sinusitis, it is often difficult to fight the disease themselves.

  • nasal cavity and sinuses are connected to each other holes.When there is inflammation of the mucous clearance in these holes gradually narrows, and afte
    r all overlaps.All of this can become a cause of stagnation, it is not only the accumulation in the sinuses, and inflamed nasal passages.
  • Bring to a standstill can not only colds.After the trauma of the nasal cavity or the individual features of the structure of the nose may occur periodically swelling that also cause inflammation.
  • no less dangerous can be a variety of infections that penetrate through bad teeth, blood and other ways.All this leads to sinusitis and subsequent complications of the disease.

Symptoms of sinusitis

most show signs - it is a feeling that the nasal cavity is completely incorporated.Maxillary sinus and a small area of ​​the nose as if bursting from the internal accumulations.Especially strong are feeling when a person bends over, I sit down.

mucus released from the nose in the sinus, can be not only transparent, but also have a greenish tint and even yellow.Often it is a purulent discharge.When blowing the nose, and can occur after severe pain that gives the head.Painful sensations arise in the area of ​​the face, in the area of ​​inflammation.Can hurt your eyes and feel causeless headache.

body in the sinus weakened felt severe fatigue, fever.The patient constantly wants to sleep, do not eat much and becomes irritated by this discomfort and pain.

How effective home treatment of sinusitis?

Home treatment of sinusitis can eliminate the causes of the sinusitis, thereby resulting in reduction of inflammation.Due to the removal of inflammation in a particular area is a restoration of the lumen and that accumulated in the maxillary sinus, begins to come out.

Methods for treating sinusitis

  • to mucus that builds up in the maxillary sinus came out should be periodically lubricated with honey in the sinuses, causing the honey as moisturizer.Particularly effective are the lubrication in the early symptoms of sinusitis.Smear to 6 times a day.
  • nasal cavity should be rinsed tincture of propolis, hypericum, cyclamen.This will significantly reduce inflammation and swelling.Such procedure is performed 3-4 times per day.
  • If sinusitis is still in its infancy, can be applied to the sinuses and nose handkerchief, into which fill a warm salt or wrapped food just cooked hot egg.It is possible both to warm overnight and throughout the day.To soak happening simultaneously on both sides, the egg is cut into two parts.If you have sinusitis warmed to severe stages of the disease, the only harm to the patient.
  • When sinusitis necessarily perform inhalations with menthol, oil fir or propolis.A few drops of the substance is added to the hot water and make the nose as much as possible deep breaths.It is desirable therefore to warm 2-3 times a day.
  • can breathe once a day over cooked "in uniform" potatoes.To enhance the effect, mashed potatoes, and the patient during the procedure is covered with a thick cloth.
  • moist hot air has a positive effect on the patient's breathing.Therefore, if there is no temperature, and the patient feels quite normal, it is often in the early stages of development of sinusitis, it is useful to give away pairs bath or bathroom.Thus it is possible to use an oil bath (fir example).
  • to the room the patient breathe easier, spray it humidifier.
  • Self can cook potato drop, which can then be buried in the nose in the sinus.Such droplets consist of an equal number of potato and onion juice (30 ml) connected to a 60 g honey.Use such drops can not be more than three days.