Heel spur: home treatment

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30 May 2016

Heel spur - spiky bony growths appearing around the heel bone with age or severe physical stress on the feet.When walking a tumor pressing on the muscle covering the heel, and provokes a searing, often unbearable pain.Especially sharply it is felt when a person changes position - stands up after lying down or sitting long.

visually detect heel spurs impossible.Build-up is determined only by radiological examination.Slowly turn to doctors, when arisen acute heel pain most people try to find the most effective national method that will save them from the pain.Alternative medicine knows a lot of recipes for the treatment of heel spurs.

Methods of treating heel spurs home

To get rid of pain in the heel, it is necessary to early treatment and prevention of disease to engage in, but people are too careless are the first symptoms of the disease and pay attention to it when already struggling to move.

Traditional healers offer to treat heel spur different methods:

  • ointments and compresses;
  • foot baths with the addition of herbal medicines;
  • special exercises and massage.

Everyone can choose his method, but it is better to act comprehensively and resort to various methods of eliminating the causes of sharp pain in the heel.


bone and muscle tissue need to soften and become more receptive to the ongoing medical procedure.Therefore, all compresses applied to the heel of the foot after a hot bath.Thus use different means.

  1. Clay.Steamed heel area generously coated with diluted to a thick creamy state medical clay.It is sold in pharmacies.Being in a state of rest, a "mask" is held not less than twenty minutes.Then remove and lubricate the affected area any drug.Clay holds heat exposure and gives useful for bone substances that it contains.
  2. Sol.The most suitable is the use of sea salt, but it is used in the absence of non-iodized ordinary cookbook.Her thorough heating up the pan and pour in the hot cotton bag, specially made for this procedure.It is applied to the heel of the patient for 20-30 minutes, creating a thermal effect.Salt is often used in conjunction with iodine (a few drops were added to the main ingredient).
  3. Iodine.This component can be used independently and in the form of a grid, drawing on her heel with a cotton swab.
  4. Vegetable wraps.Vegetables such as potatoes, black radish, cabbage, onions and garlic are a proven tool in the treatment of heel spurs.Cabbage leaves are usually smeared with honey and primatyvayut bandage or fix the toe of the night.Potato and radish rubbed on a grater with peel, put in a plastic bag on the size of the foot.Put the package on the affected leg, on top of it - a sock to "package" was held, and so go during the day.From garlic and onions cooked gruel, which thickly smeared heels after a hot bath, put on a bag or cling film wrapped foot, fix all the socks.Do not remove the day.


In folk medicine, there are recipes for special ointments for the treatment of heel spurs, such as such.

in half-liter glass jar or metal cup with lid break an egg.Fill it with vinegar 70% so as to completely hide.Separately melt the butter or swine lard (200 g).Put container, wrapped with a cloth in a warm place for three days, and then removed in the refrigerator.This ointment is applied to the gauze and fixed with a bandage on his heel, putting a sock over.The procedure was carried out overnight.

Foot bath

good effect is given hot foot baths with the addition of ordinary baking soda (1 tbsp. L. 3 liters of water) and tincture of iodine to alcohol (10 drops).In this part of the legs hold 15-20 minutes.Then wipe it dry, causing the net iodine, wear warm socks and go to bed.

Also, use different types of massage using various available tools.At the same time commit tapping, tapping, trying to break the resulting process.