How to treat constipation in adults?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

Constipation - a fairly common disease associated with long-term constipation.Especially prevalent in the adult.Constipation may be associated error in the diet, lack of exercise, bowel disease and many other problems.In any case of constipation to be treated.

main causes of constipation in adult

most often an adult there are functional constipation, which in turn are divided into atopic type and spastic constipation.Atonic constipation may be due to such reasons:

  • general weakening of the body;
  • weight loss on the basis of past infectious diseases;
  • eating food that is well absorbed by the body and does not give residues;
  • irregular supply;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • suppression of defecation;
  • abuse of laxatives.

spastic constipation may be associated with nervous feelings, which leads to muscle spasms in the intestine against excessive stimulation of the nervous system.To this category belong to a professional constipation caused by chronic poisoning is harmful substances, causing intestinal cram


cause of constipation in adults can also be the presence of obstructions, tumors, hemorrhoids, congestion "fecal stones."Constipation is also common in pregnant women.The treatment of constipation in adults is carried out after the establishment of the reasons why he had been summoned.

How to treat atonic constipation in adults?

the treatment of habitual constipation should develop a conditioned reflex to defecate every morning at the same time trying to make a bowel movement.Important role played by the development of abdominal and intestinal muscles.This contributes to enhanced driving mode, the use of dairy and vegetable roughage, including:

  • plenty of vegetables;
  • black bread;
  • buckwheat porridge;
  • fruits;
  • milk and milk products (yogurt, yogurt);
  • berries.

Folk remedies for the treatment of constipation in adult atopic

  • Take the night over a glass of liqueur from the flax seeds (1 ch. L. Of seeds per cup of boiling water, leave for 5 hours and not to strain).
  • the morning and before bedtime on an empty stomach to take 100 grams of wheat bran in milk (2 tbsp. L. Bran 200 ml of hot milk, insist about an hour).
  • infusion of senna leaf Alexandria (1 tbsp. L. Leaf in a glass of water, insist night) to make up to 3 times a day on a tablespoon.
  • eat before going to bed 2 oranges (fail-safe means).
  • an empty stomach to eat two apples a peel or a few plums.

In addition, there are certain foods that have laxative effect and increases peristalsis.These include ice cream, honey, cold drinks, salty, fruit peel, rye bread, buckwheat porridge, products containing organic acids - cherries, currants, tomatoes, white wine, cabbage, sour, sorrel.

Treatment of spastic constipation in adults

basic condition for the treatment of spastic constipation is a relaxed lifestyle.Avoid situations that may lead to the excitement, nervous breakdown, mental experience.The patient must be at home to ensure a calm conditions.He must lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking and alcohol.Good effect have physical education classes.

the treatment of spastic constipation is recommended to take potato juice.

adults with any kind of constipation, you should avoid foods that relaxing effect on intestinal motility.It's all hot drinks - coffee, tea, water, products containing tannin - red wine, cocoa.In addition, do not often eat jelly, teas with shielding effect, fresh pastries (especially hot), sinewy meat varieties.