How to remove the talc on the eyelids at home?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

Often during the growth of fat cells of the human body, and in completely different fields may be formed so called "talc".Soft formation vary in size, and it ranges from 1 mm to 1.5 cm. Sometimes, talc acquire more impressive dimensions.

part to the emergence of Wen does not affect a person's age.They can appear in anyone any harm, and they do not carry, if not talking about cosmetic defects when talc arise in the eyelids.Especially when it comes to women, such a sight, of course, not palatable, and sometimes may even sicken others.

Today, cosmetic centers quickly and reliably remove talc, sorry, that use their services, not everyone can.It is in such moments people are starting to think about whether it is possible to remove the talc, which appeared on the eyelids alone, in ordinary home?

What talc can clean itself?

believed that talc, which appeared on your eyelids and their size has reached more than one centimeter too late to clean up yourself.Here you need to use the services of an experienced

professional only, and should not even refer to the few who knows the doctor in these matters, and not that much to cure this phenomenon yourself!At best, you have on the eyelids and on other areas of the face will be new talc, at worst, you simply teach the codes infection!

Methods for removing Wen eyelids

  • Body Wen sear pharmacy iodine.The substance is applied only on the wen procedure is at least a week.
  • Wen can "dry up."To this end, his body a week at least 2 times a day to process a solution of salicylic alcohol or calendula tincture prepared independently.For this purpose, 100 g of alcohol poured 60 g of dry marigold and pharmacies, giving it brew for a week, you can use a tincture.
  • Wen small size often pierce the sterile clean needle.Sam Wen wiped with alcohol, and after a puncture when the contents come out, start treating the wound healing agents.
  • If wen daily spread warm salted sunflower oil or warm mutton fat, its outer portion will gradually be covered by a crust, and soon he just fall off.
  • Twisted sheets of mother and stepmother put on the wen and fix this slurry so that it does not slip.Do it usually at night, in the morning wash your face with water.Likewise, use a paste of fresh onions, kalanchoe, fresh garlic or plant golden mustache.After such lotions talc usually opened, and gently clean off.

If, carry out the procedure for about a week (maybe a little more), you will not see any changes, do not need to take the initiative!Immediately go to the hospital!Eyelids - those are not the parts of the body, which can be enough to experiment with the treatment failure can even damage your eyes, and this is not to mention the fact that you can permanently ruin your face!