What vitamins black currants?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

fruits of black currant started to appreciate in antiquity because of their amazing taste and unforgettable aroma.At the same time it was noted that the plant itself, namely its fruits, twigs and leaves have some miraculous effect on the human body!

One has only to drink tea from the leaves infused cassis and currant jam to eat, like a man begins to emerge strength, vigor, held a headache, improve digestion, and mood rises almost instantly!

Why is this happening?The reason for all is a rich set of vitamins and minerals that are just overwhelmed with this plant.Their beneficial effects can not be ignored, however, and today, in various sources of traditional medicine can read the recommendations on the use of black currant in those or other purposes.

What vitamins rich black currant?

  • fruits of black currant in the early stages of ripening different high content of vitamin C, after a while, of course, most of it evaporates, about 70%, but this does not change the essence of the matter.And the main t
    hing here is that in any case, so the fruits are rich in this vitamin, that by eating just 20 berries can be replenished daily stock.
  • differs currants and vitamin A, which helps to prevent vision problems.But as a child, this vitamin is especially valuable because it allows children to strengthen bones and even teeth.A sufficient amount of this vitamin in the body promotes rapid healing of wounds and helps to permanently preserve youthful skin.
  • Present in black currant, and vitamin K, which can not only improve blood clotting, but also to normalize the disturbed metabolism in the connective tissue and even bone.When a sufficient amount of vitamin K gallbladder operation comes back to normal, and the work of the liver improves.
  • Blackcurrant different vitamin E, which in turn is valued in pregnancy has effective properties in anti-aging cells and in cancer, improves the condition of blood vessels, tissue regeneration and improves the immune system, increases vitality and improves the overall health of the body.
  • Available in black currants vitamins B says that it allows to fix the nervous system, enrich the brain glucose to normalize the acidity and improve memory.It also improves the functioning of the liver, protects the mucosa and skin penetration of different infections, improves appetite and brings good sleep.
  • content of vitamin P can improve the digestibility and the effects of other vitamins and enrich the body with vital energy.

should be noted that fruits and other parts of the bush of black currant different high content of vitamins, but all nutrients are gradually lost, so for therapeutic purposes blackcurrants, its buds, leaves must be collected at a certain time, as well as in the futureyou need to store in a special way!