How to strengthen memory in old age?

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

Aging - an unpleasant but inevitable process, accompanied by a decline in many body functions.Memory impairment - one of the problems that arises because of the decrease in brain activity.This happens because of the irregularities in the interneuronal connections and reduce the excitability of nerve cells, but whatever the reason, to save memory and mental alertness, something can be done.

Increased mental activity

should constantly engage the mind, memory load and exercise.Just as no exercise atrophied muscles, and the brain also reduce their capacity without systematic training.You can use any available techniques - the study of a foreign language, doing crossword puzzles, and logical thinking.

Do not overload the brain to exhaustion, take breaks, alternating mental activities with physical labor.Switching from one mind to another class, you make it more flexible and pliable.

How to train memory?

In school we were taught to memorize poems in memory, so you can try to remember them.This is a goo

d way to train your memory, and you can resort to it in adulthood.Choose your favorite poet and memorize it works or excerpts from them, and then tell me heart.

can read short stories and artwork to train memory, retelling old himself.Only need to read carefully, remembering not just the story, the characters and details, descriptions of nature and other details.

How to develop mindfulness?

Be careful when trying to remember something.Take a complex unfamiliar object and see it.Pay attention to detail, fixed his eyes for a few seconds on each of them and then try to reproduce it from memory.Do this several times until you can describe the subject in detail.

better memorization helps build associations.See what it's like to remember the object, which he calls you a sense of how you would describe it in your own words.This method will facilitate memorization, you sort of get acquainted with the subject on the other hand, these associations will be delayed in the memory than a strange thing.

Leaving the house speaking with (can be loud) that it is important to remember - "I turned off the light," "I spun the taps," "I turned off the gas," "I took the key" and then came out of the house, you will notendeavor to remember you did it or not.When meeting a new person to himself, say his name, and then call it several times by name in the conversation, so you will remember it.

Keep the right attitude

Do not underestimate their capabilities, thinking that will not be able to learn something new.Such an attitude leads to a depressive state, and further deterioration of memory.Get ready to live rich, expand the range of interests - it is better to remember that you close and interesting.

If you are afraid that it will not turn immediately to achieve success in the new lesson for you, build a road to it from low steps.No need to set unachievable goals, and you will avoid disappointment.Learn to enjoy every little victory, and it will help maintain a positive attitude and set up for success.