Roe herring: the benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

herring milt has long been considered to be a delicacy and it is not surprising, because this product - a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals.In addition, many people fall herring roe taste.So, they go perfectly with onions, cheese, herbs, garlic and mustard.

If roe herring all painfully clear, then, what are the sperm of this remarkable fish?Milk - it is nothing like herring sperm male.Is it possible to include them in the diet that promises to use such a product to the human body?Let's deal.

First of all, it is worth noting that eat herring roe, if you like their taste characteristics, it is possible and even necessary, because they have a wealth of chemical composition, but first you must make sure that they are fresh and quality.The fact that long-term storage of fish in it with ease factories of various pathogens, the favorite location of which is just the same with milk and eggs.

How useful roe herring?

First of all it should be noted that milk is rich in herring particular protein - ami

no acids, which, being essential, are of great value to the human body.High is the content and the omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the person.Thus, these substances help prevent strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.Also contained in the milk herring glycine, which activates the brain cells.

milt are rich in vitamin composition, it is very important to maintain human health.Special attention should be vitamin A, improves visual function of man, and vitamin D, which allows to accumulate energy and a beneficial effect on the immune system.

in the milk Herring notes and a huge number of important micro and macro.Phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine, copper - this is not a complete list of the components contained in this product.

Regular consumption of roe herring is an excellent way to prevent and sometimes treat diseases with viral and fungal nature, since it marked the composition of natural immunomodulators, namely the sodium salt of DNA.

This is useful to use milk herring?

herring milt is recommended to use for people with a weak immune system, in case of overload, wearing both mental and physical character, after serious illness, as well as rapid weight loss.

Due to the content of vitamin D milk herring this product, albeit in small quantities, and useful to children in the winter, when a natural way in the absence of sunlight to get this vitamin is impossible.This product should be included in the diet of pregnant women, and in the absence of propensity to edema.This is due to the fact that a part of milt fatty acids favorably affect the development of the infant brain.

harm roe herring

Despite the undeniable benefits of milk herring, this product has its drawbacks.So, milk belong to the category of high-calorie foods, as just one hundred grams of the product contains about one hundred calories.For this reason, people who are obese or just overweight people from drinking milk herring is better to abstain.

Thus, herring roe - a very useful product.Its only drawback is reduced to its high caloric content.Although, if you know when to stop, no doubt, in any case, roe herring do more good than harm.