Dried leaves of raspberry: useful properties

By Admin | Health Recipes
30 May 2016

About the beneficial properties of raspberries today knows probably everyone.It is able to reduce high body temperature, blood pressure and blood.But the leaves of this wonderful plant usually do not pay attention and just send them to the garbage.As it turned out, very vain.This part of the raspberry bush can also be very useful for our health, especially during fruit ripening themselves extremely short, but the leaves can be used for much longer.

Useful properties of raspberry leaf

If you look in the various parts of the bush of raspberries, it is found that the beneficial properties of leaves in no way inferior berries.And at first, and secondly it contains a huge amount of vitamin C, as well as necessary for our body to function minerals, flavonoids and organic acids.

Of course, the leaves are not used for food as opposed to the berries.As a rule, they are preparing infusions and decoctions.In addition, they are simply added to the tea.To use the leaves throughout the year, the mistress of thei

r harvest by zasushivaniya.As such, they do not lose their healing properties and still great help to cope with a variety of ailments.

today about the benefits of the intervention leaf plants can speak boldly, as they are fully understood by specialists.A few decades ago, scientists have started to work on this issue.Interestingly, even the doctors do not deny, for example, antipyretic and diaphoretic properties of raspberry.

Discussed unique plant can be called because of its composition contained in the substance "salicylate".It was found in berries and the leaves.It is a natural aspirin.However, unlike drugs, are sold in stores, it does not have a huge list of contraindications and affects our body only positive thing not to combine the use of fruit or a decoction of the leaves of raspberry, along with aspirin, otherwise it can lead to excessive temperature decrease.

excellent assistant dried leaves of the plant will be discussed and bowel problems.Thanks contained in their composition and astringent tannins establish the bowels will be able to very quickly.

and tea decoction of the leaves is useful to take as an expectorant, bleeding and intoxication.

And, moreover, these beverages are indispensable for strengthening the immune system and the prevention of colds.Enough to drink tea with raspberry leaf during the epidemic, so that the body had the strength to fight the virus and getting sick.

In some cases, doctors prescribe them pregnant girls in the last stages to stimulate labor.

rules for collecting and harvesting raspberry leaf

To get the maximum from the dried leaves of raspberry favor, it is necessary to prepare them correctly.

to these parts of the plant to keep all useful properties, it is recommended to start collecting them only on 20 May.Deadline - 10 June.Later, the leaves should be collected.

grass laid out in the open air, but in the shade.For example, it can be placed in an attic or on the veranda.After the leaves have dried, they should shift to paper bags.In this form, it will be able to save them until next season.

decoction of dried leaves of raspberry

Equally important to properly prepare a decoction of healing.To do this, 4 teaspoons of dry raw pour 500 ml of water.Once the mixture boils, it must be switched off and send in a warm place to infuse for about three hours.Next, get the medicine will drain.It can take 120 ml 3-4 times a day.

Contraindications to the use of dry raspberry leaf

As can be seen, in contrast to the useful properties of a list of contraindications of natural medicine get a minimum.It gets:

  • pregnancy up to 8 months;
  • idiosyncrasy raspberries;
  • chronic constipation.

But childhood among no contraindications.A decoction of dried raspberry leaves can be given in small amounts, even kids.