Herring with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

Any treatment at diagnosis "pancreatitis" will not bring any positive results without complying with the special diet patients.Many people suffering from this disease, are interested in the question of the permissibility or prohibition of inclusion in the diet of a product such as herring.

This gentle salty fish has a lot of fans, it is added to salads or simply devours with onion and boiled potatoes.So whether it is possible or not to eat herring for people with a diagnosis of "pancreatitis"?Immediately it should be noted that everything depends on the manner in which the illness - acute or chronic, however, let's about everything in order.

Herring in acute pancreatitis

Herring, depending on their species membership can be moderately fatty or oily fish.As you know, animal fats activate the secretory activity of the pancreas.Once the patient to eat herring, his body is an intensive development of pancreatic juice.At the same time its constituent enzymes are not involved in the breakdown of nutrient

s, but rather aggravate is acute inflammation of the pancreas.As a consequence, there is a pronounced pain and other symptoms are present all acute pancreatitis.That's what may be the price the use of your favorite fish.Enrich your diet with a piece of tasty herring can only be subject to well-being and complete the acute phase of pancreatitis.

Herring in chronic pancreatitis

In chronic pancreatitis, the use of herring is allowed, though in moderation and compliance with a number of nuances.Thus, fatty herring diet of the patient should not be uniquely and exclusively relate to all permission moderately fatty kinds of herring, in which the fat content does not exceed 12 g per 100 g of product.

best to first introduce into your diet boiled herring in order to see how the body reacts to this product.Provided good endurance can go to drink a small amount of salted herring, but the pre-soaked in tea or milk.Later you can incorporate into your menu and fish salads, mincemeat.As regards smoked or pickled herring, something of such products is recommended to abstain so as not to provoke aggravation of pancreatitis.


herring Herring is definitely a very useful product that:

  • enriches the human nutritional protein digestibility is close to 100%;
  • in its composition contains methionine - a substance that is not found in any type of meat;
  • rich in omega-3 and omega-6.

Permitted use of standards for pancreatitis

As we found out during the acute phase of pancreatitis eating herring is prohibited.But the chronic course of the disease can be a week to eat 300 grams of boiled herring fillets, while at one time should be not more than 100 g of product.As for the number of fish in the other cooked, everything depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.