Leaves of cherry: useful properties

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

Cherry - one of the favorite fruit of many gourmets thanks to its bright intense aroma and a pleasant sour taste.Eat it in a different form - both fresh and in the form of jam, berry puree, compote.Cherry cook delicious filling for pies, cakes, dumplings and pancakes.And besides cooking, it is actively used in medicine, for healing properties have not only the berries, but also the seeds and leaves.In the past you should pay special attention to their composition contains amino acids, vitamin C in large quantities and tannins.

Useful properties of cherry leaves

First of all, they have a unique ability to prolong the life of domestic preparations.Therefore, these leaves are added to the homemade preserves.As a result, any snack or compotes perfectly preserved for a long time.

discussed plants have leaves and antiseptic properties.If the owner of a garden plot, which grows cherries, injured, you should immediately go to the tree and attach to the open wound freshly picked leaf.After a couple of minut

es the bleeding stops by itself without additional funds, and besides, the wound will be disinfected.

this trick to remember all lovers of travel and trekking, as injuries can haunt a person everywhere, and antibacterial agents with may not be.This leaves Cherry can be put on a par with plantain.

tea from the leaves of a cherry tree

worth remembering about this plant, and in the off-season, when wandering around the cold.Vitamin tea from the leaves of cherry wood perfectly strengthens the immune system of man and allow him to not get sick, even in the most dangerous time for our health.Regularly eating said beverage, will be able to enrich the body with all the essential minerals and vitamins.

And preparing it is very simple - a few leaves torn into several parts and sent in a cup with sugar and a slice of lemon.Top ingredients are filled with hot water.If you wish, you can also add them to the tea leaves of green or black tea and minced ginger root.In addition to fighting off colds discussion drink even copes with a headache and normalize blood pressure.

As part of the leaves have been found active compounds that reduce the likelihood of blood clots.Therefore, this tea is often recommended to use for people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, and patients who have recently had a stroke or heart attack.

And in diseases of the joints in addition to the tea leaves need to add more and cherry branches.

decoction of the leaves of cherry

decoction of the leaves of a tree under discussion, together with additional ingredients used it to treat a variety of serious diseases.For example, against jaundice.It is prepared as follows: 4 teaspoons minced raw pour 400 ml of fresh milk, then bring to a boil.Filtered and cooled down the drug is used during the day until the symptoms of the problem will not go away completely.

And if you have diarrhea and anemia broth is prepared from several herbs.Mixed in equal parts crushed leaves of cherry, marigold flowers, thyme and rowan berries.All of this is filled with boiling water and sent over medium heat.When the broth boils, it cooled and drink during the day.

cherry leaves in cosmetology

Few people know that in order to maintain the person in good shape and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles in the sour cream or cottage cheese mask in addition to fruit cherries, you can add more and shredded leaves.This recipe should make a note of each woman.