Poison mushrooms false: Symptoms and Treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

Use of false honey agaric, despite the fact that you can get from them serious poisoning, does not lead to death.This, of course, refers to those cases where the poisoning of immediately guessed the victims were required first aid, meaning "right" and immediately sent him to the hospital!

Symptoms of poisoning false mushrooms

Despite the fact that the death for poisoning false mushrooms can be avoided, the victim will have to transfer the strongest test, but the main symptoms of p

oisoning mushrooms false all the same, so to be careful, it will be able to significantly alleviate the condition of the victim,without bringing it to a critical level.

Note that the first symptoms occur already in 20 minutes after consumption of just such honey agaric.Just people pay little attention to these phenomena, so start the process of poisoning!

  • Vertigo - this is probably the first thing that can be felt after the poisoning.Gradually the dizziness passes into nausea.
  • Diarrhea - is one of the main symptoms of poisoning.Usually it alternates with vomiting or follows thereafter.And then, and more, if no action is taken will inevitably lead to severe dehydration, which will have to recover from the difficult and long.Diarrhea accompanied by severe cutting pain in the abdomen.
  • often begins shortness of breath and even hallucinations, during which it can be seen that the person says some incoherent things.

These symptoms indicate that the process is "running", but so far have not been put toxins into the blood and the work of many organs such as the liver, and it suffers the most, is not broken.It was in this period should be time to take the victim of poisoning by mushrooms false medical attention.At this stage, more easily to help and quickly disappear signs of poisoning.

First aid is necessary as soon as you realize that the poisoning false mushrooms, to drink about six glasses of water.Replace the water may be fresh milk.After such copious drinking should be as soon as possible to induce vomiting, abundant.Depending on the cause of the vomiting one to three times.

After vomiting limbs have poisoned start freezing, they applied hot Warmer and try their best to warm the person.In this case, it will drink hot tea, preferably strong.More at home you do nothing!

Treatment of mushrooms poisoning false

Treatment after mushroom poisoning, mushrooms and false, including usually given with difficulty.Firstly, it is difficult to determine not only the degree of poisoning, but also how to react this kind of toxins or that the body, especially when children are involved.Therefore, after first aid is not to delay the trip to the doctor.After the "calm" followed by new symptoms and reactions of different people are unpredictable, then it would be impossible to facilitate a status drink milk and hot water bottles!

Next you need medical treatment and is under the supervision of experts, with the appropriate equipment.First of all, doctors will use drugs, allowing to protect against liver toxins, and try to protect the heart and nervous system.But this is clearly impossible to perform at home.In addition, doctors in relation to the different people will choose individual treatment, and it will depend not only on the age of the patient, but also on the form in which the mushrooms were cooked (there were dried, boiled, pickled).

That is why after the poisoning, if possible as early as possible you need to be in the hospital, in any case, the consequences can not be avoided, but to mitigate attacks when experienced health care will be able to!