Inflammation of the lymph nodes under the arm

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29 May 2016

The human body has about 600 lymph nodes.Identify possible way palpation submandibular, inguinal and axillary lymph nodes.Purpose of lymph nodes under the arms - to protect the body from infections, viruses and bacteria.At the beginning of the work of lymph node inflammation is activated, so that they may grow in size.

Causes inflammation of lymph nodes under the arms

If axillary lymph nodes increased, it has reasons to determine which should see a doctor.The main reasons include:

  • diseases - infectious, neoplastic.
  • application of some personal care products.
  • Shave armpits.
  • Silicone implants.

Infectious Diseases

The most common infectious disease that leads to inflammation of the axillary lymph nodes, is cat scratch disease.Most often, the disease occurs in children.The reason - the bites and scratches caused by cats.Infection can also occur cat saliva.The incubation period can be up an average of 2-3 weeks, sometimes 3-60 days.

brucellosis - a disease infectious-allergic nature that aff

ects the nervous, reproductive systems, musculoskeletal system.Infection occurs on domestic animals.The pathogen can enter the body through food, as well as lesions on the skin.The incubation period is 6-30 days.

Neoplastic Diseases

Lymphoma - haematological disease of lymphatic tissue, which is characterized by a display of enlarged lymph nodes and the presence of tumor focus.

Increased lymph nodes under the arm may also occur in melanoma - a malignant tumor of the skin.For breast cancer and is characterized by an increase in the axillary lymph nodes.

hygiene products and activities

Oddly enough, but to an increase in the lymph nodes under the arms can lead using conventional roll-on deodorant.The reason may be a blockage of the pores, so that may develop inflammation, abscess in the area.

The problem can also be caused by the formation of wounds under the arms as a result of shaving and getting them to infection by accumulated bacteria deodorant applicator.

addition to the above reasons for the increase in the lymph nodes could be a consequence of the negative effects of the presence of silicone implants.

manifestations of inflammation of lymph nodes under the arms

to axillary lymph nodes inflammation characterized by such basic symptoms:

  • nagging pain under his arm, extending to the chest, arm;
  • redness of the skin;
  • swollen lymph nodes, characterized by probing formations resembling a pea;
  • tenderness on pressure.

If the inflammation is accompanied by suppuration, the patient may be concerned about fever, chills, body aches, headache, weakness, lymph node may occur in the pain pulsing character.When cat scratch disease axillary lymph nodes can reach a diameter of 5 cm.

lymphoma often painless lymph node enlargement.

Treating inflammation of lymph nodes under the arms

Finding swollen lymph nodes under the arms, in no case be self-medicate.It is necessary at the first symptoms visit local therapist, who will appoint necessary research and analysis, based on which will set the cause of the disease and treatment is determined.

Treating inflammation axillary lymph nodes is to eliminate the source of infection and often is the appointment:

  • antibiotics;
  • immunostimulants;
  • vitamin preparations.

Treatment in each case individually.Resorption of inflammation contributes to the appointment of physiotherapy, the topical application of ointments and compresses.