The benefits of flaxseed for women

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

The benefits of flax in a farm in the old days knew many, but because he was one of the most common plants in the village, and used it almost completely.Prepared linen cloth, used for animal feed, squeezed useful flaxseed oil.In cooking and folk medicine actively used the seeds of the plant.

Accumulated a lot of knowledge and practical results of their miraculous properties, especially for the female body.Therefore, the use of flaxseed is now becoming urgent, and the field of application is wide.As a result of an improvement in the general condition of the female body, weight reduction, treatment of certain diseases.

Rich composition

small seed contains, first, a lot of fiber, which helps cleanse the body and takes part in the fight against excess weight.Secondly, the well-known fatty acids known under the name Omega-3 are found in fruits magic flax.Third, there is a useful element - lignans.

Daily application enriches flaxseed organism, since many of the known composition of vitamins, including A

, E, F, C, contain minerals and antioxidants.Chemical analysis confirmed the presence of the seeds, potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, aluminum, chromium, iron, nickel, iodine.Scientists say that 25 grams of seeds a day is enough to make up for the daily requirement of many nutrients such list.

all about the benefits of flaxseed

Fiber contributes to the rapid saturation, while not overloading the stomach and digestive tract, actively removes toxins, cleansing the body, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, which is important for weight loss.He used to return a good physical condition and beautiful forms.

Due to the high content of vitamins linen magical concoctions - a great way to combat aging of the skin.You can prepare a decoction of flaxseed or added to salads, first courses.Available in seeds vitamins help strengthen the immune system.Vitamin F affects the metabolism, yet another reason to use the ladies losing weight.Oil, rich in vitamins A and E, improves the skin of the face and hands, fights wrinkles.

These magic seeds can be used in the prevention and treatment of various diseases (in combination with other drugs).First of all, it is the problems associated with dysfunction of the liver, kidney, stomach diseases.They prevent the formation of blood clots, a positive effect on the heart muscle, improves overall blood supply of the female organism.In folk medicine, widely used anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of flaxseed.

course, that flaxseed has its ardent fans and opponents.In some cases, the use of seed and decoctions of them must be abandoned.For example, when the existing inflammatory processes in the intestine from broths best avoided, since they have a laxative action, which may worsen the situation.

When some women's diseases, as in uterine fibroids, polycystic or endometritis should not use flaxseed.Mothers who breast-feed the baby, doctors recommend to wait with the use of concoctions, as it can affect the child and his digestive system.

best way - to consult a doctor or specialist who will tell where, when and in what form can help miraculous magic seed!