The gooseberry is useful?

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

nearly every garden site you can find such berries as gooseberries.A people's love for such a fetus is understandable - unpretentious care, excellent taste, diversity of sorts that lets you choose ideally suited to the culture of each region and the type of soil and, of course, extremely useful composition.

Perfect for diet

Not everyone knows that gooseberries - berry diet.It includes only 43 kcal.It is because this berry is allowed to include even the most stringent diets.

Even if the fruits are part of the lung jam or syrup calorie becomes not much more.100 g will contain just 73 calories, but much abused in such a treat for people watching their weight should not be.For everyone else, a gooseberry can be eaten in unlimited quantities.Naturally, within reasonable limits.

Vitamin cocktail

The fruit contains a huge number of different vitamins.The leader of a group C. In some varieties are more than citrus fruit.Slightly smaller part of the gooseberry vitamin and provitamin A.

addition berry includes a number of valuable minerals and trace elements.There are many potassium iodine, sodium, calcium and iron.Present in the fruit and phosphorus, as well as copper.As you know, all these vitamins are essential for a person full of life and good immunity.

also appreciated gooseberries and the presence in it of organic acids such as malic and citric.Equally useful for human and folic acid, as well as tannins, flavonoids, which are also part of the gooseberry.

Guarding the health

Regular use of gooseberry helps excrete harmful human metal salts, which are simply harmful to human health.A similar process contributes to the abundance of pectin.

Besides inclusion in the diet of the berries will prevent the development of atherosclerosis, as well as strengthen the capillaries.This impact is due to the presence of gooseberry P-active compounds, such as anthocyanins and leyksantotsiany.

highly recommended to include these fruits in the menu for those patients who suffer from hypertension, atherosclerosis, and other groups of cardiovascular diseases.But the infusion of berries gooseberry will withdraw from the human body harmful cholesterol, which is contained in excess in the body.

In addition, recently been scientifically proven that the ripe fruit contains a lot of serotonin.It is this substance has a unique feature to provide anti-tumor effects.However, to this end, to use solely a ripe berries, since they contain twice the component than in a slightly ripened berries.

Gooseberries will be very useful for those who are exposed to the violation of the kidney, bladder, liver, because it has a powerful diuretic, choleretic property.Including his peculiar slight laxative effect.

immunity in order

With this composition saturated gooseberry is considered one of the most efficient and powerful tools that help to significantly strengthen the immune, protective functions of the body.That is why doctors strongly recommend it to include in the diet, especially for children and those people who are prone to frequent colds, SARS or suffered a serious illness, surgery.

is mandatory to eat gooseberries between vitamin deficiency, which is known to occur in winter and spring.It can be used as frozen and frayed berries.Nothing less will bring benefits and canned fruit drinks, fruit drinks multicomponent, has a tonic and anti-viral properties.Regular consumption of this fruit can provide the human body a variety of valuable vitamins and minerals, so a person's immunity will be much stronger.

Gooseberry - one of the most useful berries growing in our latitudes.Do not neglect that gift and be sure to eat it and then no disease will not be afraid of you.