Infusion of rose hips: benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

rare man did not drink tea from the hips, which is not only a delicious drink, but also a real treasury of vitamins and trace elements that can support the human immune system during the period of highest probability of beriberi.However, if the tea, primarily performs a prophylactic, the hips may be prepared from the present and the drug active against many diseases - infusion.On the preparation and use of infusion of rose hips and will be discussed below.

Collecting and harvesting of medicinal raw materials

Rosehip can be purchased at a pharmacy or store, and can collect and prepare yourself.In the latter case it is important to adhere to key rules:

  1. collection hips produced at the end of August to the end of October (before the first night frosts).It is important to fully ripe fruit, then there were the color from bright orange to dark red.You can collect on the bush has dried medicinal raw materials.
  2. Drying should take place rapidly at 50-70 ° C.Drying was carried out on the day of the assembl
    y is necessary in order to avoid fermentation and rotting fruit.
  3. fruits should be stored in cardboard boxes or bags made of natural fabric in a dark, dry place.

infusion of rose hips

In folk and official medicine, there are many ways to prepare infusions.In this case, it would be considered the most simple.

  1. necessary to take eight tablespoons of medicinal raw materials and carefully grind.
  2. Cover crushed rose hips in a thermos.Pour the crude drug one liter of water.
  3. Infuse for 12 hours, drain.
  4. Store in refrigerator.

Indications infusion of rose hips:

  • Vitamin deficiency and vitamin deficiencies.
  • as immunomodulatory agents.
  • as diuretics.
  • as moderate cholagogue.
  • has a mild sedative effect and is indicated for use in the initial stages of hypertension for the normalization of blood pressure.
  • As a powerful antioxidant, helps to eliminate harmful substances from the human body.
  • accelerates wound healing.
  • helps to improve digestion and the normalization of metabolic processes.
  • is used as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent for atherosclerosis.
  • improves the cardiovascular system of the person.

Contraindications to the infusion of rose hips

  • gastrointestinal diseases caused by high acidity (including predisposition to diseases of this kind).
  • is not recommended to use for people with a weakened tooth enamel and susceptible to the formation of dental caries.
  • Maybe idiosyncrasy, which it is expressed allergic reactions.In this case, the drug is an urgent need to stop.
  • a tendency to form blood clots is desirable to abandon the infusion of rose hips.

Dosing infusion of rose hips

The drug is required to carry out kursionno adhering below indicated dosage as an overdose can affect hypervitaminosis, rashes on the body and so on.To achieve adequate therapeutic effect is necessary to accept the infusion kursionno within a month.Then you need to take a break for a month.After this course can be repeated.Apply infusion three times a day half an hour after eating three tablespoons with a little lukewarm water.