Tincture of chanterelles from parasites

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

Very often we are faced with the problem of the emergence of parasites in the body that interfere with normal healthy life.They can appear in your child or even you, if you do not observe the rules of personal hygiene.Print them is not so too easy, despite the existence of many national recipes.Often, these drugs are made from medicinal herbs - such as tansy, tarragon or mint.Of course, they are harmful to the parasites, but you can not ever get rid of eggs that they lay in the process of reproduction.As a result, the disease first pass an imaginary stage of remission, and then gaining momentum.

However, there is one excellent tool to help not only to kill all the worms, but also cleanse the body of their eggs and even toxic substances emitted by certain types of parasites during their life in the human body.That is an indispensable tool for chanterelles - efficient helpers in the fight against parasites.

Useful properties of chanterelles

So why fungi of the class are so useful and necessary to man

in the fight against worms?Sami mushroom pickers claim that the collection of these fungi can not find any of wormy chanterelles, because even earthworms prefer to keep them to a party.With all that talk about men!

In addition, the researchers found, and the substance, which is disastrous for all types of worms.Hinomannoza polysaccharide has such a powerful force that is able to completely destroy all parasites in the body in just a few weeks.The fact is that unlike medicines similar action is hinomannoza able to penetrate into the mucous worms and cause nerve muscle contraction.As for the eggs - a substance they simply dissolve.It is also worth noting the fact that, thanks to the natural polysaccharide content does not cause any harm to the body completely unlike synthetic drugs that can greatly undermine health and reduce immunity for pest control.

Useful properties of chanterelles present in these fungi not always.The polysaccharide is extremely unstable when interacting with high temperatures, so the stew, fry or cook chanterelles for their further use is not recommended.In most cases, experts recommend to make an infusion of raw or dried mushrooms - then their healthy qualities remain fully able to work on parasites.

recipe of tincture chanterelle

There are two ways of making this a useful infusion:

  1. alcoholic (only suitable for adults).To prepare the infusion of alcohol must be dried thoroughly cleaned mushrooms in the sun or in a dryer at a maximum temperature of 40 ° C.Further dried chanterelles ground and poured alcohol per 1 teaspoon of powder per 100 ml of vodka.Insist means necessary for 10-15 days, after which use 2 teaspoons before bed about 2-3 months regularly.
  2. Normal (recommended for children).For him, it is also necessary to clean, dry and chop the chanterelles, and then pour boiling water (not boiling!).Insist 2:00, then use 2 teaspoons for a month.

cleanse the body of "uninvited guests", you will feel the relief and rehabilitation of the whole body can get rid of toxins and pain, as well as gain comfort and confidence in life.Be healthy!