Watermelon: benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

Watermelon - not the berries, not the fruit of the gourd family.He is able to have a positive and a negative impact on the human body.Since watermelon - one of the favorite for most people melons, is to understand how to use it and how much harm.

is the beauty of watermelon?

The most important property of watermelon - cause excessive urination.Itself the fruit of 90% - the water, but it is not simple, but useful components rich liquid.It contains vitamins such as C, B1, B2, PP.When used correctly, striped pumpkin and berries can bring small stones and sand accumulated in the kidneys and bladder.Thus there are no edema.

Red and pink flesh is rich in dietary fiber, contains potassium and carbohydrates, carotene and folic acid, which is especially useful for pregnant women.Her eating to cope with heart disease and hypertension.Those who suffer from arthritis, gout, multiple sclerosis, should definitely watermelon feast, to improve their health.

Especially useful white striped layer between the crust a

nd the red pulp.It is most full of vitamins.If you mix it with apple juice, you get a delicious refreshing beverage that quenches thirst easily.They can improve the blood circulation and the overall composition of the blood.

Watermelon arrange fasting days for liver and kidney and gall bladder, hypertension.Well this fruit after suffering a stress for the normalization of the nervous system.Round berry striped with red and pink can be considered mid-berry joy.His appearance, it always causes positive emotions and pleasant sweet taste adds a pleasant emotions.

How dangerous a watermelon?

Despite a lot of positive qualities, melon berry carries hidden dangers.The most important is not the fruit, and how it was grown.To achieve maturity, young plants are stuffed fertilizers with a high content of nitrates.They contribute to the emergence of many side effects and adverse effect on human well-being.

Cases of poisoning early watermelons.You should know that good fruit kept pace in August and September.Then he gathers useful vitamins, sugar and becomes a nutritious and delicious.Watermelons stored fresh for a long time.They can be eaten before the New Year.Therefore there is no need to rush and risk health, buying them in July.

Striped berry can absorb through the skin of hazardous waste and the harmful components contained in the air.They accumulate in the white interlayer and the adjacent pulp.When eating watermelon hazardous substances enter the body and cause harm to health.To eliminate this, it is not necessary to buy fruits that are sold along the highways.

diabetic patients is recommended to eat watermelon in limited quantities due to the high sugar content, but even completely healthy people should not abuse this melon eating berries.The daily rate for adult human fetus must be less than 2.5 kg, a small child - up to 100 g

Some mistakenly believe that to improve the effect of the consumption of watermelon to eat black bread.Such abuse is bound to cause fermentation in the stomach, bloating and other gastrointestinal troubles.If there is a red juicy pulp with anything, it is only with white baking, but it faces a set of extra kilos.

to make the most benefit from the use of striped fruit is to eat it as a separate dish 5 times a day at regular intervals.Only then can we achieve a truly noticeable effect.