Prunes in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

People suffering from diabetes, you need a very thorough approach to the choice of products to the diet of their food, so as not to cause the development of complications of this disease.For example, it is known that diabetics should abandon the use of foods rich in carbohydrates.Is it possible the diagnosis "diabetes" eat prunes?Not whether it will provoke high blood sugar, and what the overall impact the product will have on the patient?Let's deal.

benefits of prunes Prunes

has not only excellent taste but also long been used for the treatment and prevention of a vast variety of ailments.So, prunes perfectly strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the intestines and stomach.Furthermore, prunes refers to the number of low-calorie foods, so it is 40 grams contains only 100 calories.As part of the prunes are very low in fat, sodium and cholesterol are also negligible.

Prunes undoubtedly benefit diabetics.This product is rich in fiber, whereby the absorption of glucose into the bloo

d takes place in slow motion.These dried fruits - a real storehouse of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are recommended for people with diabetes.Among them, phosphorus, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, folic acid, manganese, boron, calcium, phosphorus.Sugars included in the prunes are presented fructose and sorbitol, which do not present any danger to the human patient in mind that they can not drastically increase the concentration of glucose in the blood.

In addition, prunes, is considered as a source of antioxidants that help prevent various complications, and prevent the development of chronic diseases, often occurring hand in hand with diabetes.

Features eating prunes in diabetes

Despite such vast mineral properties of prunes, diabetes, this product should be used in limited quantities and only after receiving the advice of a doctor.Eat prunes in its natural form is not necessary.Doctors recommend to use it as a constituent ingredient, added to other dishes.So, it is very useful to put 3-4 pieces of prunes in cereals (especially oat), and use them for breakfast.Furthermore, prunes can be added to light salads, appetizers.Prune puree can be prepared in different (but in any case do not buy a ready store of products), and adding it to baked goods, and in the latter case, the content of cholesterol and fats in prunes is reduced to a minimum.

In general, there are many recipes with prunes, which are permitted for use in the diagnosis of diabetes.Here, first of all, it all depends on the taste preferences of each patient, but we can say that diabetics should not deprive yourself of the delicious and most importantly useful goodies!