How to brew leaf beans?

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

The beneficial properties of the beans literally blow "on every corner," but somehow rare to hear that the whole plant has a useful medicinal properties, especially the pods, so-called sash!The composition of the valves bean is unique, and if that part of the plant to brew properly, there will be a great opportunity to replenish the body with various organic acids, enriched with nutrients and minerals.

As recommended brewing green beans?

considered most useful pods have ripened fruit of beans after they are ripe fruits, but the wing has not yet begun to dry up.Pods tear and spread in the open air, but not in the sun to dry them.As soon as they will shrink naturally, the product is ready for brewing.Bean leaf brewed in small portions, gaining the right amount of product stored in the rest of the fabric pouch no longer than 3 years.

Dry leaf crushed, 2 tablespoons of the dry weight of a charge of 500 ml pre-boiled, but cooled water, and pour it raw.This mixture should be kept in a water bath for about

15 minutes, covered with the lid, raw materials should be enough to steam.After heat treatment, the heated mixture should stand for about an hour, while the bean leaf will give in the resulting broth of all nutrients.

Already refrigerated liquid is separated from the pods, straining and pressing crushed materials from the broth.Get after straining a little broth, it concentrates much higher, so you need to add more water to its volume corresponds to the original, that is, 500 ml and again bring to a boil.

Take a decoction of the welded flaps of beans at least three times a day, and it is particularly effective if you drink before eating.The optimal rate - about half of normal glass.It is possible that the broth will produce precipitate so before drinking it is heated and agitated several times.This "home remedies" is better not to keep long, so prepare him for a day or two, especially since the time of its preparation will not need much.

If you follow it right, this decoction of green beans helps the patient with diabetes not only reduce and normalize blood sugar levels, but also to keep it within about a quarter of the day.Please note that this decoction shutters beans can be used in conjunction with medication, which is very important for such a complex disease!