Black beans: the benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

Black Beans belongs to the legume family and was first discovered and cultivated in America long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus with his tomatoes and potatoes.In appearance very similar to ordinary bean seeds: silky black skin color in conjunction with a grain creamy inside.To date, there is no country where they did not know about the black beans, because it is not only easy to grow, but also very useful for people.

Useful properties

Since ancient times Indians knew that the black beans is replete with numerous complex of vitamins, minerals, salts and trace elements needed by the body for healthy and function properly.In particular bean provides the following actions:

  • diuretic, which allows to use it for people who are on a special diet with urolithiasis.
  • hypoglycemic, which makes it an ideal product for people suffering from various degrees of severity of diabetes.
  • antibacterial and healing.In order to treat the wound, many experts recommend is to use black beans, which are ground
    and applied as a slurry to the damaged tissue.

In addition, black beans is an effective tool in the fight for weight loss, because the product is not only low-calorie, but also allows you to cleanse the body of toxins.This feature is highly valued in medicine, as well as helping reduce the risk of blood clots in the vessels.

Another advantage of black beans are considered phytonutrients, which are currently defined as substances that fight the formation of cancer cells in the body.In general, the black bean has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems, improves the immune system and cleanses the body.

use in cooking

Due to its beneficial properties and a pleasant sweet taste black bean is an excellent ingredient for cooking.Kitchen Latin America is replete with dishes based on it.This ingredient is not only perfectly with the spices, but also vegetables, allowing you to prepare wonderful salads, pates and dips to dishes.

However, black beans is popular not only in Latin America but also in Europe, where there are hundreds of recipes for its preparation as in soups and as a garnish for meat dishes.It also goes well with pastries and even a fish, allowing to cook wonderful desserts based on it, and seafood, which are saturated with a pleasant sweet-smoked flavor.

harm and contraindications

Despite its many useful qualities, black beans can also harm the health of some people, especially if you use it without consulting with a personal nutritionist.In particular, this product is not recommended for use for people with gastritis and gout, as coarse seed structure will cause further irritation of the gastric mucosa.For this reason, black beans, and is contraindicated for people with stomach ulcers, so as not to provoke a change in the microflora and the aggravation of the disease.

Black Beans is strictly prohibited to use for people suffering from flatulence different degrees of severity, since the product after active cooperation in the stomach causes severe flatulence and may cause deterioration of the patient.In addition, you must remember you are hypersensitive and allergic reactions to the beans, which is also a signal of the termination of its use.