Black corn: the benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

One of the most delicious gifts of summer can be called corn.This is one of the most delicious and aromatic herbs, which also boasts an excellent set of useful features.It is a dietary product, it contains few calories, but also in maize mass is very important and necessary minerals and vitamins.Experts recommend eating corn bran, because they represent a powerful antioxidant.Thanks corn bran our body is cleared of harmful substances and toxins.Corn with frequent eating is able to improve the cardiovascular system, but also it improves the metabolism due to high content of dietary fiber.In maize securities are not only the seeds, but the stigma.On this basis, you can make many different medicinal infusions, which greatly helps with edema and hypertension.

usually on our table is yellow corn, but beyond that there are many other kinds of plants with very different color.There are white and red corn, and even displayed the variety of black corn!All varieties of corn are very helpful, all different wonde

rful taste properties, but, nevertheless, there are some differences.

Use black corn

Black Corn has its unusual color due to the very large number of anthocyanin, or different antioxidants, but the color is not the only thing affected by antioxidants.They are able to excrete the most harmful substances, they slow down the aging process.In addition, antioxidants are able to positively influence the metabolism, which helps in the fight against obesity.So black corn can be safely included in the diet of those who want to quickly get rid of the extra kilos.

In addition to corn antioxidants have different substances.This potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus have.Vitamins, which are also part of the corn, facilitate the work of the nervous system and have excellent anti-stress properties.

black corn has a very good taste, it is not behind the yellow.So it can be used in the conventional menu and dietary menu.At its preparation is necessary to stick to one rule - to salt should be boiled cobs in the ready-made, not before.Otherwise, the corn can get very tough.The best way to cook corn on the couple, then it saves the maximum possible number of important elements.Moreover, with this method for the preparation takes much less time (about 15 minutes).

dangers of black corn

Whichever utility was not corn, but, nevertheless, and it has some contraindications.First of all, renounce the use of a large amount of corn to be those people who have a tendency to increased blood coagulation and thrombosis.Some people have a large amount eaten boiled corn can cause headaches and adversely affect the operation of the stomach.