Climbed the skin on the soles of the feet

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

Sometimes people are faced with increased dryness feet.As a result, it often provokes peeling followed by a tendency to peel to the skin and the appearance of deep long nonhealing fractures.This publication will be considered the etiology of occurrence of this phenomenon and propose ways to solve basic problems.

main causes of peeling skin on the soles of the feet

  • especially the skin.As a rule, it linked to genetics and hereditary.An additional problem in congenital dry skin protruding parts dying off the top layer of the epidermis, which leads to increased accumulation of dead cells, which complicate the exchange of oxygen and worsen the situation.In this case, it is essential to take daily foot baths (preferably with sea salt and pine extract).It is also necessary to handle his feet with a pumice stone to clean off the upper stratum corneum.Every night you need to use a moisturizing cream fat (specialized leg or universal).
  • uncomfortable shoes and shoes made of poor quality is not breathable mat
    erials.It appears excessive sweating feet, which leads to skin irritation and increased susceptibility to mechanical stress.Wear shoes made of natural materials, picking up her size.It is not allowed to shoes was narrow.
  • Vitamin deficiency or vitamin deficiencies.May cause peeling of the skin as the soles of feet and other body parts.This problem usually is temporary and seasonal nature is manifested mainly in the spring and fall.To avoid this inconvenience, people with a penchant for vitamin deficiency and vitamin deficiencies is recommended in the off-season to pass therapeutic vitamin course.Optimal use of vitamins that are consumed during the month or within the period recommended by the treating specialist.
  • Mycosis.Infection of fungus can occur as by direct contact with an infected person, or by using certain patients with personal items (eg, sneakers) and the visiting public institutions (for example, is a swimming pool, shower, and so on).It should be noted that further placed factor for the development and reproduction of pathogenic fungi is excessive sweating of the feet or the presence of cracks in the feet or other wounds.As a course of treatment prescribed use of antifungal ointments and sometimes antimikoznye oral agents (eg, fluconazole).
  • Stress and neurotic states.Overall condition of irritability or anxiety has a negative impact on the entire human skin.On the soles of the feet is compounded by the fact that stress and other pathological states of mind lead to excessive sweating of course, about the dangers of which have already been mentioned above.In this case, undergoing therapy only on prescription.In milder forms of stress it recommended "New Pass" and other slabodeystvuyuschie drugs with sedative and calming effect.
  • Prolonged exposure to hard water or water with an excess of chlorine.It provokes the rough skin on the soles of the feet and increases the dryness, which causes subsequent unpleasant symptoms - peeling, to peel, crack and so on.In this regard, it is recommended to avoid prolonged contact with the rigid and chlorinated water.

As you can see, the reasons to peel the skin on the soles of the feet a lot, and to take the right measures need to find out the root cause of the emergence of these negative phenomena.In this regard, when it detects skin peeling is recommended to consult a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.This will avoid the more serious consequences.