Climbed the skin on the fingers

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

human skin to a certain extent can be called signaling diseases that occur within the body.Remember how often the skin becomes pale and covered with spots, flakes, or, conversely, becomes fat.All these manifestations are often caused by the disruption of any organ or system, whether immune or endocrine.But unlike the skin of the whole body skin on the hands is exposed even further negative impacts, which may lead to very tangible problems.

reasons peeling skin on hands

main reason for peeling skin on the fingers is the lack of vitamins in the body, such as vitamins E and A, which serve a protective function of the body and influence the overall development and growth.The disadvantage of these vitamins at the early stage manifested as problems with the skin, which can lead not only to reduced vision, but also disorders of the immune system.

also cause peeling of the skin may be a skin disease - a fungus.The disease manifests itself in the form of itching, peeling and the formation of small wounds an

d fractures.As a rule, the fungus is most often seen in the hot season, and one of the reasons for its occurrence can serve as banal lack of sanitation.

climbed the skin on the fingers may due to an allergic reaction to certain types of household chemicals, which in recent years has become an integral part of people's daily lives.Prevent skin problems can use gloves, which must be worn when using particularly aggressive types of household chemicals, for example, to remove the fat from the surface of the plate.

may cause peeling and improper care for your hands.At various times, the hand skin exposed to climatic influences, cold, heat, chapping and, of course, contact with the chemical elements that provoke and peeling.Therefore, skin care should be carefully, moisturize during the cold season, carefully remove all dirt and, of course, simply to preserve.

Another cause problems with the skin hands can be a stressful situation or excessive exercise, both physical and emotional.In this case, of course, the help of essential oils, herbal baths and, of course, positive emotions.

How to treat your hands when a peeling?

Of course, without the assistance of a physician to identify the causes of skin peeling person can not, but as a rule, serious problems arise when there are multiple symptoms, so with the usual irritation of the fingers and can handle himself.

First you need to take power, adding to the normal diet of more fruits and vegetables as well as eggs and nuts.It is also desirable to add dried - they contain not less vitamins than other products in addition to saving time, their use would be the most rational.

also need to pay attention not only to household chemicals, used that can only gloves, but also the usual makeup may hand cream contains the following components that are not taking the body, and you should think about the alternative, that is my grandmother's methods of skin carehands.

is necessary to pay attention to the peace arrangement.Do happy people, happy life of health problems do not exist, so it is advisable to redirect their mental strength to obtain the maximum of positive emotions.You can go to the movies or theater, skating rink or a visit, and maybe you just need to sleep and rest is banal.

However, if a change of diet and cosmetic products do not help, it is advisable to consult a doctor as to eliminate the fungus, as well as some disorders of the internal organs only after drug treatment, the lack of which can lead to serious chronic diseases.