Knee is swollen and sore

By Admin | Health Recipes
29 May 2016

There are cases when people go to the doctor with complaints of pain in the knee, which is accompanied by visible to the naked eye swelling.But more often the case that people in the manifestation of the above symptoms voiced hopes for an independent successful resolution of the problem and refuses to march to the hospital and apply traditional methods of treatment.

In alternative medicine, as a rule, there is nothing wrong, but before engaging in treatment, it is necessary to find out in detail the etiology of the appearance of the symptoms.This is due to the fact that the swelling and pain in the knee can be caused by various diseases that are almost impossible to diagnose yourself at home.As a result, people are not cured of the disease, and the disease continues to progress, and gradually manifests itself even more unpleasant consequences.In this regard, there is a need to consider the main causes of the symptoms stated in the title.

main etiology of swelling and pain in the knee

  • knee injury.It manifested initially reddening with swelling, followed by the formation of a bruise.It is advisable to apply to the site of injury something cold to minimize backfire and reduce the appearance of pain.It is the result of direct mechanical action and makes it impossible for the person to move (step on the injured leg).The specialized medical treatment is not needed.The exception is when a person can not be a long time (more than half) step on the injured leg without feeling severe pain.This case will be described in the following paragraph.
  • Mechanical knee injury that resulted in the formation of cracks in the kneecap, or patella displacement of the open / sprain.In this case, the person loses the ability to step on the injured leg without feeling severe pain.Contacting a physician is required, since otherwise it may begin the inflammatory processes that have sufficiently broad in nature and occur gonycampsis.
  • tendonitis.It is a degenerative changes in the tendon on the background of localized inflammatory processes.The causes of this disease, there are many - from mechanical damage to the transferred infections and metabolic disorders in the body.When treatment is necessary to work on the root cause, provoking the disease, use fixing bandages on his leg and topically applied nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ointment.
  • Bursitis.It is an inflammatory process, localized in mucous bags knee.It tends to a bright manifestation of symptoms and extensive dissemination in the surrounding area.Etiology of bursitis is not fully understood.However, the most frequent reasons for its occurrence include: mechanical damage, penetration of infection, diathesis.For the patient, it is important to respect the peace, topically applied anti-inflammatory ointments and corticosteroids, in some cases require surgery.Lack of timely treatment could trigger a shift of bursitis in intractable chronic.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.Do not deprive human movement, but it is accompanied by frequent aching, cause significant discomfort and swelling nespadayuschey.Typically, treatment using anti-rheumatoid inflammatory steroidal and non-steroidal drugs.It represents the accumulation of salts because of the failure mechanisms to excrete uric acid from the body.It requires a specific long-term treatment.

Remember that put the final diagnosis and proper treatment can only practitioner with a medical background.