The bruises on his hands for no reason

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28 May 2016

bruise is a small hematoma, which usually occurs after the strike, injury or injuries.At the same time the integrity of the capillaries under the skin is broken, and the apparent trace and a bruise.

However, there are also cases where the bruise appears for no apparent reason.At the heart of the process, as in the previous case, it is a violation of the integrity of capillary walls.Over time, the wall becomes thin, porous and brittle.These capillaries are simply unable to keep the blood coursing through him, but because there are small hemorrhages that appear on the skin in the form of bruises.

main causes of hematomas

Experts assure that no ecchymosis can not appear without reason.Even if they are invisible, hematoma is a consequence of some factors.However, most people simply do not pay any attention to them, referring to their lack of time and forgetfulness.The solution in some cases, leads to serious consequences.

So, among the factors on which the bruises on the hands appear for no apparent r

eason, the main ones being the following:

  • hemorrhagic syndrome.The disease affects the blood vessels, making them brittle.The vessels are taking immune cells for foreign objects and hard to fight them.As a result, small hemorrhages the blood falls into the subcutaneous layer, forming a bruise.Generally, bruises on the hands are a consequence of the defeat of the lungs, heart, brain and liver.
  • Lack of ascorbic acid in the blood.This reason is quite simple to eliminate by eating foods containing vitamin C. The doctor can prescribe special medicines that will maintain the necessary level of acid.
  • Violation of blood clotting.Determine the disease can only be passed appropriate examination.
  • Medication that contribute to blood thinners.Among them, antidepressants, analgesics, anti-inflammatory and antiasthmatic.
  • vascular pathology.
  • As a result, infectious diseases may be unexpected bruising.
  • Severe hypothermia.
  • Because of the physiological characteristics of women bruises on the hands may be the result of drastic changes in the hormonal background.This usually occurs during pregnancy, breastfeeding or during menstruation.

What to do?

People who often notice the appearance of bruises on his hands, must necessarily refer to a specialist to provide the skilled care.The doctor after the examination and will reveal the cause of the disease, prescribe treatment, which may have serious consequences and prevent occurrence of diseases.

The first treatment should be directed not to remove themselves bruises, and the reason for which they are actually there.If this is not done, the hematoma will continue to appear on the hands, not only spoiling the appearance of the skin, but also the mood.