Polyps in the gallbladder: causes of

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28 May 2016

diagnosis of gallbladder disease in its early stages is one of the most difficult, because in most cases initially asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.One of these pathologies that can not be detected during the initial inspection, is the formation of polyps in the gallbladder.A polyp is a benign tumor that occurs in the proliferation of the mucosa, which may contribute to a number of factors which will be discussed in further narrative.It can be difficult to ascertain, even with vigorous sprouting due to the complexity of the differentiation of other diseases.In this regard, the diagnosis is often prescribed ultrasound of internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

causes of polyps in the gallbladder

To date, there is no unique theory of the emergence and proliferation of polyps in the gallbladder.Different researchers have different opinions on this issue.In this regard, are the main factors to be in a position to develop the disease.However, it is important to take into account that their presence do

es not always provoke benign tumors.

  1. Hereditary predisposition.According to studies, polyps of the gallbladder in most cases occur when the disease occurred in previous generations (and, as the female and male lines equivalent).The existence of a specific gene responsible for the growth of the mucous membrane of the gall bladder.
  2. Violation of metabolic processes in the body related to the stagnation of bile.This will start the biological defense mechanism of the gallbladder associated with an increase in its volume due to abnormal growths of the mucous tissue.Metabolic disorders can be as hereditary and acquired.In the latter case it is in most cases due to malnutrition person.
  3. inflammatory process, localized in the gall bladder and the surrounding areas.In this case, growth as in the previous case, is associated with activation of the body's defenses, as a response to the onset of pathologic processes.
  4. chronic cholecystitis, which is fraud and abuse of substances contributes to the stagnation of bile in this digestive organ.
  5. Human Papilloma Virus.It depends on the species of the virus and may contribute to the appearance of papillomas on the gall bladder, which grow on the mucosa.The disease is not a polyp of the gallbladder, as such, but in most classifications related to one of its varieties.
  6. dyskinesia channels.Expressed as a violation of the tone of the biliary tract and leads to the stagnation of bile.
  7. Various forms of hepatitis.This cause is quite rare, but some researchers and practitioners put it on a par with other etiologies.
  8. Women to one of the most frequent causes of polyps in the gallbladder include excessive production of the hormone estrogen, which stimulates growth of the mucous tissue.In general, it is believed that women are more prone to the disease in question.According to statistics of the gallbladder polyps in 75% of cases are diagnosed in persons is female.
  9. abuse of food high in cholesterol and predispose the body to the delayed conclusion of the matter.This kind of disease is isolated in a separate large group of cholesterol polyps.

There are other less popular version of polyp formation in the gall bladder.