How to remove corns on my feet at home?

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

Calluses - a thickening of the skin at certain places on the hands and feet caused by friction or pressure on them.In the hands of these tumors arise as a result of the active and permanent physical labor without work gloves, such as garden tools or building.On the feet blisters, often appear as a result of wearing tight uncomfortable shoes.

Corns can be dry and wet.Prompt treatment amenable to wet corn - dropsy.They dry out for several days and do not require special treatment.If hydrocephalus burst, the wound can put a sterile bandage to prevent it from becoming infected.It is much harder to get rid of dry corns, treatment requires a long time.

Treatment of corns medical means and procedures

pharmaceutical industry produces special tools for softening such formations on the skin.This ointments, lotions, patches with salicylic acid.To eliminate obsolete corns can be used procedures such as grinding, cryosurgery and laser therapy, they are carried out in a health institution or a beauty salon.Corn

large, and painful, can be surgically removed, followed by treatment with antibiotics.

In folk medicine, there are many ways to treat corns in the home with natural materials.Recipes and use of such funds are listed in the next section.

Treatment of corns at home

Before you use any of the listed funds, run a warm bath for the feet.The skin in the hot water and steam will succumb to the effects of medicinal substances and the effects of its application would be much higher.


piece of propolis, heat and mash by hand.Flattened it and attach to the toes.Secure propolis plaster.Do not remove the wrap 2-3 days.After remove the patch and rasparte feet in hot water.Rub your fingers sore, corn should already be soft, the top layer of the skin may even retreat.Repeat the procedure with propolis may be a few more times, during which time the corn is gone.

Dandelion juice

white sap from the stems of young dandelion flowers well softens dry skin on corns.Gather a few flowers, cut off from their heads.Juice allocated to the stalks, corn grease.This procedure can be performed several times a day.Soreness in the field of education calluses gradually disappeared, the surface of the skin becomes softer.


Break a raw egg.On the inner surface of the shell, remove the thin white plenochku.Apply it on the wet side of corn.Burning away, the wound will heal quickly.This tool is very good for young corn and dropsies.

vinegar and bread

compress these products are effective in the treatment of old blisters.The procedure can be painful, but the result of it will be visible immediately.Bread crumbs, moisten with vinegar and mash.The resulting mass is attached to the site, the affected corn, fix plaster wrap or bandage.Means gradually infiltrate corn, it will be pain or a burning sensation.Soak a compress for several hours, and then remove.Corn will be the bright pink skin swell.Wash the affected area with warm water.Over the next 5-6 days, the corn will depart.

husk onion

in glass jars Put the husk from a few bulbs, fill it with vinegar.Two weeks leave for a means, after strain.Grease build-up any fat cream.Attach them wet onion peel and secure it with a bandage.Leave a compress on the night.Rasparte morning sore spots and remove the softened layer of the skin on the toes.