Why is dry and peel the lips?

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

Dry and scaly skin on the lips is accompanied by a sense of discomfort and soreness, and with chapped lips unpleasant displayed in public places.The lesions on the skin can get infected and cause inflammation, infection.All this is very unpleasant, so once noticed that his lips begin to dry, you should determine the cause of what is happening and start treatment.

impact of weather

lips can dry for several reasons, and in order to cope with the problem, you should turn to eliminate each of them.To begin remember, and then came the first unpleasant, maybe you've been in the cold, the wind or the sun and dry lips - it's just a reaction to the weather and temperature conditions.This is the simplest case, and to cope with the peeling easier.

Try some time not to face chapping, there are fewer outdoors until normal skin condition, and when go out, use hygienic lipstick.While at home, I do several times a day soothing mask on the mouth area of ​​warm milk with melted butter in it.In hot weather, try to ke

ep drinking regime and drink during the day at least 1.5 liters of water.

Allergic reactions to cosmetics

Next reason why can peel off the lips - not suitable lipstick.In this case, you need to stop using any lipstick except sanitary, until the skin on the lips is restored.You can accelerate the healing process, lubricating lip emollient cream with chamomile, can be childish.

allergic reaction may occur on other cosmetics, such as sunscreen, then you should stop using it.In addition, some toothpastes contain ingredients you are hypersensitive, so try to change it.

skin allergy may occur in the lips of fans of sharp and salty foods.Change the style of food, abandoning hot spices, and observe the reaction of the organism.If the dryness and desquamation disappeared, it means that the reason identified correctly.

Avitaminosis organism

if you exclude the above reasons, and her lips still dry and peel, it may be due to vitamin deficiency.With a lack of vitamin A, E and C are observed dryness of the skin of the whole body and fading skin of the lips.In this case, treatment must be prescribed by a doctor, and prescribe a complex of vitamins, perhaps in the form of injections.For its part, can increase the intake of vitamins through food, mainly on a daily basis including in the diet of more fruits and vegetables.

Bad habits - the cause of dry lips

dry lips often occurs in smokers.Continuous attachment cigarette to his lips and smoke irritate delicate skin, causing irritation.The situation is aggravated during smoking in the wind, the cold and the sun when external circumstances added to the irritation due to smoking.

If you have the habit of licking his lips, get rid of it, especially should not do when you're on the street.Saliva moistened dry lips constantly, and on the surface of the crust is formed, which once again would like to lick.Apply chapstick, which prevents drying of the lips, and you will not be tempted to moisten them with saliva.

Herpes on the lips

When peeling lips preceded by itching, burning, inflammation, redness and watery bubbles, we can talk about herpes.It is treated with drugs only.How to treat it, you can consult a doctor, but most of the drugs such as acyclovir and gerpevir or their analogues are sold over the counter without a prescription.If you have at home is growing aloe, can reduce inflammation, brushing his lips juice.

If within a few days to cope with dry lips can not be, and should not wait to go to the hospital.In some cases, the peeling of the skin on the lips indicates a gastrointestinal disease that are identified by the medical examination.