Prevention of worms in humans

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

helminths (worms) - parasitic worms whose livelihoods and development that takes place in the human body.This "neighborhood" is a person a lot of serious diseases and malfunction of the body's systems and organs.Worms multiply very quickly, so it is important to start a fight with them in the event of the first signs of their presence in the body, which include abdominal cramps, diarrhea or constipation unreasonable, itching in the anal area, nausea, anemia, insomnia.Similarly, to determine the presence of parasites in the body, as well as their appearance can be based on the results of medical tests.An effective and safe treatment prescribed by a doctor-parasitologist, or infectious diseases.

To avoid catching the worms of the situation yourself and other family members, it is important to comply with preventive rules in this area.Prevention helminthiasis is personal hygiene, taking of drugs and the use of traditional medicines.Let us examine them in detail.

Prevention of worms by performing hygiene

  • After using the toilet, handling animals, work in the garden, Camping wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water several times.
  • fresh greens and fruits good wash under running water for several minutes.
  • Meat and fish cook with the technology of heat treatment.
  • water from the tap, or any bodies of water is not consumed raw, boil for 5 minutes.
  • periodically undergo a medical examination by a doctor-parasitologist.
  • regularly broadcast their pet to the vet for detection and timely treatment of worms.

Prevention worms medical drugs

any medications except for the testimony has its contraindications.The use of drugs for the prevention of helminthiasis is done only in extreme cases, under medical supervision, and no more than once or twice a year.Among the modern drugs are proven following: pyrantel, Albendazole, Dekaris (analogue Levamisole) Vermoxum.Remember that you can not take them without a doctor's prescription, the components that make up these drugs can cause a variety of side effects.If it was prescribed to you specialist therapy data means, take them according to instructions.

Prevention helminths traditional medicines

Garlic - a great natural remedy for preventing worms.It is recommended to use small portions (1-2 cloves) daily with any meal.Garlic microclysters perform for the prevention and treatment of pinworms.In warm water (200 mL) was added crushed garlic (one tooth).This solution and performing enema.

Raw pumpkin seeds used for the prevention and treatment of helminthiasis.They are used in general form, carefully chewing.When this is required to eat plenochku green, which is on the surface of the core or on the inner side of the shell.You can rub the core of pumpkin seeds into a powder and mixed into food - cereal, soups, yogurt.This tool is safe even for small children, unless, of course, give them the best of them - up to a dozen pieces a day.

Ginger is used for the prevention of adult worms and to combat them.Fresh root is ground on a grater and pour vodka in the amount of half a liter.Capacity sealed and allowed to warm to infuse a dark place for 15 days.Drink this infusion for two weeks on teaspoonful three times a day.

Prevention of parasites in adults, and can be performed with the help of celandine.Fresh leaves of this plant are finely chopped.One small spoon of greens boiled water and kept a quarter of an hour in a water bath.After the tool is cooled, filtered.It topped the amount of boiled water that has evaporated, that is up to 200 ml.They drink a decoction three times a day for 50-70 ml before meals.

worms do not develop in an acidic environment.Fruit and vegetable juices, pickles, dairy products, pickled vegetables, salads with vinegar - natural, effective, and most importantly without paddles anti helminthiasis.Taking these products in food, people naturally performs antiparasitic preventive action.