How to treat giardiasis in adults?

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

In order to understand how to treat giardiasis in adults, above all, need to have any idea about this, I should say, not a simple disease, its origin and how it develops.

What is giardiasis and what it is called?

Modern man quite often suffers from a disease "giardiasis" caused it nothing more than Giardia.At different stages of Giardia are different forms, using the suction cups firmly fixed on the walls of the intestine, where it successfully parasitize.

Because of this "coexistence" of a person can be observed not only periodic disorders of the small intestine, stomach rumbling and light pain and liver damage.Can unjustly fever, dizzy, a man in such moments feel severe nausea, mouth comes with a disgusting smell.Soon, a person begins to lose weight gradually comes strong depletion and exhaustion of the body, weakness occurs, the immune system weakens.

that previous treatment of giardiasis?

Realizing the seriousness of the disease, the treatment of this type of parasites must be addressed as soo

n as possible, and no one understands this issue is not the doctor prescribe treatment, without conducting laboratory diagnostics.Why is it necessary?First of all laboratory diagnostics allows us to prove the fact of presence of Giardia in humans, and then helps to identify the stage of their development to date.Without this information it is impossible to plan effective treatment.

How to treat giardiasis in adults?

After the necessary examination, the doctor decides to assign a specific medication, which is sure to be composed of several interrelated stages, none of which can not be avoided, the treatment must take steps consistently, so as not to carry heavy loads weakened body.

  1. first assumed liquidation, removal of the parasites themselves.This step takes about two weeks, more severe cases can last up to a month.However, after giardia disappear from the gut, his work has greatly improved.
  2. After removing parasites should be the rehabilitation period, which is a restoration of the immune system, and other affected organs.
  3. In more severe forms of giardiasis before assign antiparasitic drugs, the patient goes through the stage of preparation for the main treatment.

On the treatment of giardiasis have to say that the disease is cured quickly fail.The reason is a weakened immune system, damage to many organs, which in itself does not allow to speed up the process and makes it necessary to conduct a phased treatment.In addition, do Giardia are very resistant to many drugs, and despite their toxicity, treatment may sometimes be delayed and assume full replacement of used drugs.

Appointment diet

treatment of giardiasis provides for the mandatory appointment of a diet, which excludes all starchy foods.The first recommended to eat cereals, vegetable oils, dried fruit and vegetables.Also be sure to include a dietary table foods that are capable of increasing intestinal peristalsis, thereby quickly rid the body of dead parasites.This is primarily dairy products and fresh fruit.

How to treat giardiasis traditional methods?

main product, which allows to cure giardiasis in adults, garlic is considered to be traditional methods, namely his head, cloves.Garlic is ground and diluted with warm, boiled water to the state of slurry.Once in this matter moistened swab completely soaking it, and inserted into the rectum.About half an hour later take out a tampon.Effective method, but it is not for everyone, so without consulting a doctor should not use it!

Avoiding giardiasis?

main way to protect yourself from giardiasis is cleanliness!No need to have a dirty and spoiled fruits and berries.Always before a meal should wash their hands, because malicious parasites enter the human body it is through our own hands!