How to get yourself out of depression?

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

A few decades ago, the depression is not even considered a serious disease, and, meanwhile, the first mention of the symptoms of a depressive state found even among the ancient Egyptians.At the same time it is a psychological disorder is recognized as one of the most widespread in the world, because he was subject to more than half the world's population.

What is depression?

It is believed that the main cause of depression is life's troubles, but it is not.Depression can cause a lot of reasons - lack of certain chemicals in the body, alcohol abuse, a certain way of life and even genetic predisposition.

The researchers found that 21% of the population has in the gene pool of a tendency to a depressive state, which can be traced for several generations of the same family.Also found that 18% have a strong immunity to the disease and thus in any circumstances to easily overcome all difficulties.But half the population are of mixed genotype and, therefore, more or less prone to depression.

The main symptoms of the depressive state

Symptoms of depression are very diverse and can be divided into psychological and physical.

psychological signs are:

  • fatigue, depression, irritability, understated sense of self-esteem, guilt, frequent mood swings, as well as exclusion from society.

physical signs are:

  • sleep disturbance, which is expressed in either insomnia or constant sleepiness;
  • change in appetite, overeating or loss of appetite at all;
  • general physical weakness, lack of desire to move actively;
  • heart pain, gastro-intestinal tract, reduced or elevated pressure, headaches or muscle pains, aching joints, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases.

However, the difficulty lies in the fact that in each case manifest their symptoms, because the causes of depression are different and the human body is different, therefore, a disease manifests itself in different ways.

How to get yourself out of depression?

should be noted immediately that the depression has several types and degrees and is quite insidious disease, so their own to cope with it is not always possible.If you have a number of features you need, at least, alert and consult a doctor who will diagnose and, depending on which need to be addressed and whether serious drug treatment, or can be dealt with independently.

If a person there is a depression in mild and not in a state of neglect, then you can deal with it easily enough, and yourself.

First you need to establish the cause of depression, for example, the problems in his personal life or professional activities.And then redirect their vitality for other purposes, making them major.

For example, in trouble at work.Change is not always just work really, but cease to dwell on the problems completely.Therefore it is necessary to direct their interests in a different direction, for example, developing any hobbies.Thus, the trouble in professional life recede into the background, and the pleasure derived from his work, prevent the further development of depression and may become a new step in an already successful professional career.

The next step will be to overcome the depressed state of physical activity.As bad as there was no man, but the move is necessary.To begin to help ordinary walk in the fresh air, which is desirable to make regular.An excellent tool will trek to the pool or sports, which include not only exercise, but also to communicate with other people, and therefore, additional emotions.

important step will be the normalization of supply.The human body needs to do a certain amount of vitamins and trace elements and imbalance in this regard may be one of the causes of depression, so it is necessary to normalize the power supply.Also do not forget that it is the food provides the necessary energy and the supply of mental energy the body, which is very needed in the fight against depression.

next and perhaps most important step in overcoming the disease will be a change of mental attitude, that is, you need to look in all aspects of life - both physical and spiritual only positive side.For example, as well, that day has come, no matter what it is rainy, rain - it is a necessary moisture for the plants, which will be from it only more beautiful and give pleasure and today a tough day to be a lot of work, but how much fun it will be the end of the day onthe realization that the work is done efficiently and on time.

Such examples can be found a lot, but mainly in them it is a positive message, which will be the main drug in overcoming depression, which can be in the presence of desire, nevertheless, to cope on their own.