Dermatitis armpits

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28 May 2016

dermatitis is a skin condition that has an inflammatory nature.This disease can affect any part of the body completely, but most often it is localized on the most sensitive areas of the skin.Among these are the armpits and where hair follicles is plural, while the stratum corneum is of little value.Consider why there is dermatitis armpits, what symptoms are characteristic for him and what are effective ways to treat this disease.


Dermatitis armpits may occur for various reasons.Among the most common ones are the following:

  • poor hygiene.Underarm dermatitis can be caused by various bacteria and microorganisms, which are developing rapidly in the heavily sweating skin.Steaming the skin that occurs in the absence of fresh air, it creates the most ideal conditions for the life and reproduction of bacteria.
  • synthetic fabrics.Dermatitis underarm can arise due to wear synthetic clothes.The fact that the synthetic fibers do not provide such tissue integuments "breathe" in full.
  • use razors.When shaving armpits under the influence of a sharp razor blade on the skin formed microscopic lesions, which together represent foci of irritation.These mechanical damage to create all conditions for the development of dermatitis armpits.
  • use of chemical agents.The structure of many cosmetic products (either soap or deodorant, for example) include harmful substances, such as quartz, propylene glycol.Very often these components provoke allergic reaction, irritation and contact dermatitis.
  • presence of diseases.Very often, the development of underarm dermatitis may be due to the presence of other diseases - infections follicle hyperhidrosis.Without eliminating the root causes of dermatitis treatment will be purely symptomatic.

symptoms of dermatitis armpits

first signs signaling the development of dermatitis, is the appearance of the skin in the underarm rash is bright red, which deliver strong burning sensation and itching.Over time, the skin on the affected areas begins to peel off and become easily removable thin crust.In severe cases, there may be underarm papules or vesicles, filled with liquid, and wet erosion.If dermatitis acquired chronic form, its characteristic features will act small, virtually invisible cracks in the armpits, and actinic separate areas of the skin.Features


eliminate inflammation on the skin in the armpits help corticosteroid creams.As for the cosmetic creams and lotions, their use is not recommended, as they are able to significantly enhance the stimulation.Receiving help reduce itching antihistamines.In the event of the accession of infection requires antibiotic therapy.

Phytotherapy in the treatment of dermatitis

When the diagnosis' Dermatitis armpit "would be very useful to herbal treatment.Among the most effective medicinal herbal remedies note:

  • nettle;
  • burdock root;
  • ointment based on chamomile;
  • based ointment marigold;
  • evening primrose oil.

is important to remember that all treatment should be supervised by a specialist.Self-administration of drugs, especially antibiotics, can cause even more harm to health.