Burn hogweed: Treatment

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28 May 2016

Cow parsnip is a biennial plant, which has about 40 varieties of different heights - from 20 centimeters to 2.5 meters.On the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS the most widely used cow parsnip Sosnowski, which in Soviet times was cultivated as a forage crop for cattle.It is from this plant burns from most people go to the clinic.This question will be discussed in further narrative.

essence burn hogweed hogweed

Burn comes in contact uncovered areas of the human body with a stem, leaf or root of the plant.Initially, this usually causes no discomfort but exposed furocoumarins contained in cow parsnip, human skin becomes more susceptible to the effects of ultraviolet radiation.The result is a burn, which develops gradually.Slow development of skin lesions often enters the human misconception of what nothing terrible has happened, but the initial redness and itching of light give way to blistering, extensive lesions of the skin and severe pain.Subsequently the affected areas ulcerate and do

not heal for a long time.In this regard, it is desirable to promptly take action immediately after contact with the dangerous plant.It is worth noting that in sunny weather burns are more powerful, though in cloudy contact with Hogweed almost never without consequences.

First aid contact with Hogweed

  1. initially need to close the affected areas of the body with a cloth to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin.
  2. require careful wash parts of the body in contact with the hogweed, soap and water solution.This will wash away much of the fallen on the surface of the skin furokumarinov.
  3. is followed carefully degrease the skin to allow better absorb protivoozhogovoy ointment.Share You can use the following tools - alcohol, diluted to 40-50 ° C, a weak aqueous solution of potassium permanganate.
  4. protivoozhogovuyu Apply the ointment by a gauze bandage.A good choice would be the following medicines - "Opazol", "Rescue", "Panthenol".Gauze bandage allows the best way to soak in the ointment, and protects the skin from UV rays, but ideally better the next two days at all possible, avoid contact with the sun.
  5. orally should be used antipyretics (aspirin, paracetamol, etc.) and antihistamines (diphenhydramine, suprastin and so on) means.These drugs are used at the same time the minimum recommended dosage.Later they receive is appropriate, on the recommendation of the treating specialist.

general scheme of treatment for burns hogweed

  1. Activated carbon - a three-day course of three tablets three times a day before meals.
  2. diphenhydramine or suprastin - a five-day course of one tablet or two tablets of Demerol suprastin half an hour before bedtime.
  3. Protivoozhogovaya cream under gauze bandage - seven-day course of twice a day (morning and evening to change).

After completing the course of therapy is recommended to lubricate the affected areas for 3-5 days gormonosoderzhaschimi creams (eg neodermom).This will speed up the regeneration of tissues.This regimen is common and should be calculated individually by the attending specialist, based on the severity of the skin lesions.