What if eye twitches?

By Admin | Health Recipes
28 May 2016

Many are familiar with the unpleasant sensation when the "eye twitches."I must say that for people who are always "in sight" since quite undesirable and embarrassing phenomenon is particularly problematic.Gradually, not paying attention to it, one begins to realize that by itself this phenomenon does not take place, moreover, periodically to monitor contracting muscles person simply is not possible!Reductions occur at any time and the reasons for it so incomprehensible, sometimes even frightening.

What causes twitching eye?

Stop happening can be in only one case, realizing that encourages muscle on such a spontaneous movement to identify factors that trigger such a reduction.Most often, a nervous tic, and it is nothing like it provokes unbalanced nervous system, which is currently or was previously a little upset about something.

impetus can serve as a minor disorder, and severe psychological strain.Provocateurs such a reaction of the body can be a bad dream, a strong mental fatigue, frequent flight

s, travel, life in general, "in motion", personal loss, the loss of loved ones parting, quarrels, insults.

are no exception and serious diseases which are of both short-term and chronic, most injuries of the skull and face.Each factor is your help and understand it a good specialist in this business!

How to stop a nervous tic?

whether there will be a nervous type publicly or when you are home alone, you should be aware that such a twitching eye should try to stop, nothing good for him not to follow, especially when the phenomenon already is permanent!

  1. Take quiet position, sit down, if you can even lie down, try to calm down and think about something good.
  2. If you feel that the reason is fatigue, go outside and sit on the bench for long breathe fresh air, trying to forget about the recent cases and the tormenting questions you generally distracted.
  3. remove the tick every minute allows a deep breath of fresh air, and it is desirable to cover, calm state of the eye, and then you need to blink a few times.
  4. After consulting the doctor's advice and need some time to carry out reception of what some soothing charges made on the basis of chamomile, valerian and other herbs.
  5. Try to get enough sleep as little as possible, load himself with thoughts of bad, try to distance themselves psychologically from all the negative and irritating you, this also applies to people seeing that you may have offended and enraged.
  6. Avoid talking in raised voices, noisy companies and in any case do not drink alcohol, well, at least in large quantities.It may seem that it is the alcohol relaxes and eye stopped twitching, but it is only a temporary and false feeling.

If you can shoot arising from time to time tick, do not rejoice much more complicated than it seems at first glance and consultation in any case necessary, because your body may need some substances to determine public byyou will not succeed!